We’re inching closer each week to crowning a winner of season 12 of The Voice, and now that we have reached the top 10 it’s time to assess which coach has the best chance of winning the competition. Numbers don’t necessarily give a coach a better chance at victory, because all you need is one singer to stand as the winner at the end. However, the coaches’ teams are pretty balanced at this stage in the competition, with both Gwen and Alicia with two singers and Adam and Blake still at full capacity with the three they started the live shows with. So, which coach is stacked with the strongest team in season 12?

Let’s rank each coach’s team based on the strength of their singers to see who has the most likely chance to to have a representative (or two) in the finale.

4. Team Adam

Mark Isaiah, the Justin Bieber wannabe, has landed squarely in the bottom two for two weeks in a row, and both times he’s managed to land the save. His teen heartthrob fan base has been vast enough to keep him from elimination thus far, but chances are slim that he will last another week. However, his familiar style and catchy song choices could keep him in the game a bit longer.

A singer from Team Adam is going home next week either way, according to my calculations. Lilli has a uniquely vintage sound that’s reminiscent of bluesy, jazz club singers, but although this eccentric style works for the image of an established singer, I think the song choices are making it tough for her to break through with the voters. When you’re not familiar with the music it’s tough to get energized about a performance. 

Adam reminded everyone during the last round of competition that although Jesse doesn’t have a mainstream sound, he is the best singer in the entire competition. I love Jesse’s sound, but the second half of the statement is debatable. Adam also pointed out that someone with a unique sound and preference for non-mainstream music won The Voice last season. Where he sees that point as an advantage, I see a detraction from his chances to win. How many times have you seen artists with similar sounds and styles win the competition back-to-back?

Team Adam just doesn’t have a winning singer on it this year, and he even though he has all three contestants still in the competition I don’t think it’ll last long.

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3. Team Blake

TSoul’s soulful style is bound to start falling flat with audiences sooner rather than later. His vibe is crazy vintage and cool, but the novelty of that tends to wear off when it comes to banking votes. He impressed this week with a modern song choice, but now voters might feel as if they’ve seen it all from him.

Aliyah has a powerful presence and voice that’s beyond her petite, teenage years — there’s no denying that. The feisty way she works the stage along with the versatile array of songs she manages to make her own is equally impressive for an artist of any age. However, everyone remarks each week how talented she is for her age, and the novelty of her youth could potentially wear off. They key for Aliyah is to keep creating a sound that makes her memorable regardless of her age, not because of it.

Have you checked out the iTunes charts during the last two weeks? Make no mistake, Lauren Duski is annihilating the competition when it comes to song downloads. The country music fanbase is a juggernaut of a support system, and they’re going all in on Blake’s blonde, country darling. 

It’s more than likely that Lauren Duski will cruise all the way to the finale, but a team is the sum of all of its parts and Team Blake as a whole doesn’t add up to the strongest ensemble.

2. Team Alicia

As the most experienced singer remaining in the competition, Vanessa Ferguson continues to showcase the range in her voice and song style. Selecting a modern, popular song like Rihanna‘s “Diamonds” was a brilliant move for this last round as it showcases Vanessa’s ability and desire to perform contemporary sounds. Vanessa is seasoned enough to already own her sound, style and voice, and her confidence and uncompromising vibe is enough to get her far. 

Season 12 is really a toss-up between a select few artists, but my personal favorite is Chris Blue. Alicia and Chris are a coaching match made in heaven, and he moves the crowd and the coaches to the point of near shock and awe week after week. Chris’s feisty nature, signature dance moves, and just complete passion for what he sings make him the total package. We’ve never seen anyone like Chris Blue on the show before, and he deserves to be given the tools to become a star.

The coaches with only two members left don’t need any more than that, because Team Alicia and Team Gwen have the best artists on their team to carry them to the end. I’ll rank Team Alicia second mostly because the sound of her two artists might appeal to a more narrow fan base, but I’m rooting for Chris Blue to bring it home.

1. Team Gwen

Brennley’s biggest advantage in this competition, besides her incredible talent, is that she had the opportunity to work with both Blake and Gwen. Blake enhanced her capacity and knowledge for country music, and Gwen broadened her horizons and pushed her to find an expanded sound and audience. Brennley has the potential to win this season all on her own, but the fan bases of both halves of The Voice’s powerhouse coaching couple never hurt anyone.

Gwen’s other artist continues to astound everyone around him with his musicality and artistry in this competition. Hunter Plake and Gwen Stefani have hit it off as much as I’ve ever seen a coach and contestant click when it comes to creating music together, and it really shows on the stage. The ethereal, feminine quality in Hunter’s voice projects a sound that’s completely unique to him, and the skills he brings to the table in his music arrangements make him a likely contender to make it all the way to the end.

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The versatile styles and song selections from Brennley and Hunter combined with a unique sound that can also appeal to mainstream listeners ups the odds that one of these two artists will likely win The Voice.

What do you think of these rankings? Who do you think has the best chance to win season 12 of The Voice? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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