When Supergirl‘s cancellation at CBS and move to The CW was announced, there was one question that many viewers had: what would happen to Cat Grant? It was always clear that Calista Flockhart would only shoot in Los Angeles due to her family, and when production moved to Vancouver, out went her contract. Cat Grant’s importance in season 1 remains unrivaled; she became Kara/Supergirl’s muse, giving her (and the city) hope to go on and save the day. With Kara’s inspiration gone, is Supergirl failing at trying to make up for Cat’s absence in season 2?

Cat Grant’s Departure

In season 2 episode 2, Cat Grant left National City and CatCo, a departure no one wanted to see. However apathetic Cat may have been, she became a shining light for the series, and her relationship with Kara felt inspired. She became Kara’s mentor, showing Supergirl how to believe in herself and her powers and be the hero that National City deserved.

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Her exit? Lackluster. The Cat Grant we saw in those first two episodes of season 2 shifted drastically from the work-crazed fiend we saw throughout season 1 who would stop at nothing to accomplish her goals.

Had the series flashed forward and not continued where season 1 left off, this shift would’ve been more believable. Overnight Cat Grant went from being work-focused to wanting to focus on her family, leaving Kara without a work mentor as both Kara Danvers and Supergirl.

Her Importance

Cat proved to be more than just Kara’s rude boss. She practically created Supergirl; her company getting behind Supergirl helped so much of National City come to terms with their new hero when all they believed in was Superman. When Kara fell to red kryptonite, Cat, after a few missteps, stood behind Supergirl and all she’s done for the city. She refused to believe the hero she believed in would stoop so low purposely.

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When myriad hit, could Kara have saved National City without Cat? The answer is no. Maxwell Lord wanted to radiate the city, which would’ve resulted in over 300,000 deaths, but Cat saw another way: hope. The same hope she always paired Supergirl with in her work, and the hope that she always gave to Supergirl in her lowest moments.

Is Her Absence Hurting Season 2?

Hurting may be a strong word, but the series is definitely lacking one of the major highlights from the first season. As Supergirl, Kara depended so thoroughly on Cat for her advice so often that she sometimes approached her before she even followed up with her own course of action. So much of season 1 only happened because Kara listened to her boss and showed the city what kind of hero she is.

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For the season of “finding Kara Danvers,” though, perhaps it’s best that Cat Grant is gone. As a new reporter, Kara needs to find her own footing in her career and build her way up with her own skills and everything she learned from being Cat’s assistant. She can’t have the head of the company at her beck and call to save her from any mistakes she may make. Her new boss is awful, and that’s something else Kara needs to work on. She needs to find her confidence to believe in what she can do as this new boss attempts to tear her down.

Likewise, Kara needs to find herself as Supergirl too. To truly be a hero, she needs to trust her own instincts and discover her confidence in that part of her life as well. Seeking approval and guidance from Ms. Grant held her back from making the many mistakes that a hero makes in the beginning. Aside from just affecting Kara’s story, Cat’s leave gave James a bigger role too as the leader of CatCo. 

What do you think? Is Supergirl season 2 worse without Cat? Do you think Kara will become more self-reliant now that Cat is gone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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