“La Casa de Los Famosos” first aired on Aug. 24, 2021, and ran until Nov. 15, 2021. The first season of the reality show was a success, attracting a total of 1.2 million viewers. The season consisted of 24/7 filming over 84 days. 

In addition, the reality show is notable for having constant surveillance that viewers could access online, making it easy for fans to keep up with celebrity housemates. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about Telemundo’s top reality show. 

Where Can You Watch “La Casa de Los Famosos”?

“La Casa de Los Famosos” is produced by Telemundo and is available on several networks. These networks include USA Network, Bravo, E!, SYFY, Telemundo, OXYGEN, and Spectrum TV. You can also watch the popular Latino reality show on streaming services like Roku, DIRECTV, AppleTV, or Hulu

What Is “La Casa de Los Famosos” About?

“La Casa de Los Famosos” is a celebrity competition show in which 16 outlandish celebrities live under one roof without access to the outside world to compete for weekly prizes and a grand prize of $200,000.

The reality show was filmed in Mexico City, Mexico, for the Telemundo network. Otherwise known as “The House of the Famous,” “La Casa de Los Famosos” is Telemundo’s take on the reality television franchise “Celebrity Big Brother.” Thus far, the show is the fifth adaptation of the hit reality show “Big Brother.”

The series provides fans with a glimpse into the personalities and intimate lives behind the celebrity faces. The housemates are a diverse group of Latino stars with different backgrounds and personalities, which adds to the drama that unfolds within the house. Viewers are given a front-row seat into the intimate lives of their favorite celebrities while watching how the 16 stars learn to navigate life in one place. 

Without access to the outside world or mobile phones, the celebrity housemates battle to be the last one standing by joining intricate alliances. The stars play to avoid elimination each week, as the viewers have the power to vote off any of the celebrities. 

The entire series is shot in a specially designed house with over 50 hidden cameras and 60 microphones that allow for 24-hour surveillance. As a result, enthusiastic viewers have 24/7 access to uncut and unfiltered live footage on Telemundo.com. In addition, constant surveillance means that the celebrity participants won’t be able to hide any alliances, strategic plans, or secrets from the audience. 

Is “La Casa de Los Famosos” a Good Show?

Yes, “La Casa de Los Famosos” is a good show. This suspenseful reality TV show is filled with dramatic turns of events and controversy. As alliances grow more powerful, the game intensifies. The show attracts 1.2 million viewers, making it one of Telemundo’s top shows. Due to its success, the reality show was renewed for its second season on Nov. 16, 2021.

About the Presenters of “La Casa de Los Famosos”

“La Casa de Los Famosos” is hosted by esteemed TV personalities Héctor Sandarti and Jimena Gállego. After a successful first season, the pair are returning for the second season. The hosts detail everything to the audience, sharing the most compelling, exciting, and controversial moments in the show and sharing opinions. In addition, Sandarti and Gállego present the eliminations and interview celebrities when they are voted out of the house.

Héctor Sandarti, a Guatemalan actor and TV host, is most famous for being the host of Telemundo’s “Vas o No Vas” (“Deal or No Deal”). His other hosting roles include “The Price is Right” (“Antinale al Precio”) and “Big Brother Mexico.”

Jimena Gállego started her career as a singer before moving into journalism and television hosting. Gállego has hosted “Pequeños Gigantes” and “Cuéntamelo Ya!” In an interview with “HOLA! USA,” Jimena Gállego opened up about the show’s challenges, confessing that the biggest challenges associated with the show are the high costs and the time commitment to daily production of a prime-time show. 

Notable Cast of “La Casa de Los Famosos” – Houseguests

The first season of “La Casa de Los Famosos” had a total of 16 celebrity participants. Following the announcement of the reality show in July 2021, the first participant, Gabriela Spanic, was announced. Later that day, celebrity presenters Héctor Sandarti and Jimena Gállego were announced by Hoy Día.

There was only one victor by the end of the season: Alicia Machado. Manelyk González was the runner-up and was followed by Kelvin Rentería, Cristina Eustaces and Pablo Montero.

Alicia Machado

Alicia Machado, who is otherwise known as Yoseph Alicia Machado Fajardo, is the winner of season one. She is a Venezuelan TV host, singer, beauty queen, and actress.

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Manelyk González

Manelyk González is an influencer, singer, and TV star in México. She appeared in season one and was the runner-up against Alicia Machado.

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Cristina Eustace

Cristina Eustace, also known as Cristina Yasmin Eustace Rascón Meléndez, was a finalist in season one. Cristina, who is a singer from Chihuahua, Mexico, earned fourth place overall.

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Pablo Montero

Pablo Montero is an actor and singer from Mexico. He was one of the finalists of the first season and stayed for the entire 84 days of filming. Overall, Pablo Montero earned fifth place.

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Celia Lora

Celia Lora is a Mexican model, actress, and former playmate. She was evicted from the house on week six of the show and earned 11th place overall. Lora is known as one of the most controversial celebrity participants in the show. In fact, Celia Lora’s elimination from the show caused the reality show to reach a historical rating.

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Roberto Romano

Roberto Romano is a 32-year-old actor from Mexico who appeared in the first season. Roberto was evicted from the house on week seven, which means he earned 10th place overall.

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Verónica Montes

Verónica Montes is a 32-year-old Peruvian actress who was in the first season. Verónica was evicted from the house on week 10 of the show.

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Gabriela Helena Španić Utrera

Gabriela Helena Španić Utrera, who is more commonly referred to as Gaby Spanic, was the first housemate to be announced. The confirmation of Gaby Spanic participating in the competition attracted a lot of attention due to her international fame. Gaby Spanic is a Venezuelan superstar singer, model, and actress. Overall, Spanic earned ninth place and was eliminated from the show in week eight.

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Niurka Marcos

Niurka Marcos has been announced as the first celebrity housemate for season two, which premieres at the beginning of May. Niurka Marcos is her professional stage name, while Niurka Marcos Calle is her actual name. She is a famous singer who was born in Havana, Cuba. She’s considered a multi-talented personality, can sing and dance, and is revered as a public figure in Cuba and beyond.

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How Many “La Casa de Los Famosos” Episodes and Seasons Are There?

“La Casa de Los Famosos” season one had 57 episodes over 12 weeks. Week one of the celebrity reality show had a total of five episodes. Season two of the hit show aired on May 10, 2022. 

Will There Be a Season 3 of “La Casa de Los Famosos?”

Telemundo announced that a third season of “La Casa de Los Famosos” will be coming in January 2023. One lucky applicant will also be selected to join the show this winter. The second season aired on May 10 at 7 p.m. EST.

Are There Any “La Casa de Los Famosos” Spinoff Shows?

Due to its success, a companion show called “La Casa de Los Famosos Sin Censura” was released. “Sin censura,” which translates to “without censorship,” shares the good, bad, and ugly of the reality show’s episodes. The show is aired on weekday mornings during the season to discuss recent events about the stars. Hosted by celebrity hosts Jorge Bernal and Verónica Bastos, the morning show retells events from the night prior, interviews recently eliminated housemates, and shares opinions about the reality show.

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