Originally called “Sala de Parejas,” “Caso Cerrado” started as a court show that focused primarily on the arbitration of marital problems between litigants. Over the years, the Telemundo-produced show expanded beyond marital issues; including other disputes and matters such as violence and child abuse. At its peak, “Caso Cerrado” drew an average of 1,455,000 viewers daily and was the number one Spanish program in the 4 PM time slot. The show also did well with younger demographics, with viewers aged 18 to 34 making up 39% of the total viewing audience.

Fans are puzzled about what happened to the show. Has it been canceled? Was it moved to a different slot? Is it still available on-demand?

Keep reading as we answer all the pressing questions regarding “Caso Cerrado.”

Has “Caso Cerrado” Been Canceled?

First airing on April 2, 2001, the show ran for two decades. It propelled Cuban-American lawyer Ana María Polo to stardom across Latin America. Unfortunately for fans, the witty and sharp lawyer retired after 18 consecutive years on the air. She recorded the show’s final episode on December 10, 2019. Dr. Polo is now focusing most of her time on charitable work and spending time with her family.

Where Can You Watch “Caso Cerrado?”

While the show is no longer in production, you can still watch all episodes on-demand on various platforms. Here are the options currently available to watch “Caso Cerrado:”

  • FuboTV: This streaming service offers viewers a wide selection of programs. Content and channels vary from one country to another, and each package offers different levels of access.
  • NBC Universo: Telemundo’s content can also be viewed on-demand on NBC Universo. Viewers can stream the channel’s content on a wide range of streaming services, including DirecTV Stream, fuboTV, Hulu, or YouTube TV.

About Judge Ana María Polo of “Caso Cerrado”

Dr. Ana María Polo

Dr. Ana María Polo

Born Ana María Cristina Polo González in Havana, Cuba, Ana Maria first moved to Puerto Rico with her family at the age of two before settling in Miami a few years later. She took to performing on stage at an early age and participated in various plays and musicals such as Godspell, Jubilee, and Show Boat.

Ana Maria began her career in law after graduating from the University of Miami School of Law in 1987. She practiced law in Miami for over 20 years and was a partner at Emmanuel Perez & Associates, P.A. in Coral Gables, Florida. A breast cancer survivor, she still works with various organizations that aim to bring cancer awareness and help fund efforts to develop a cure for the disease.

Since becoming a household name in the Spanish-speaking world, Ana Maria has also used her platform to amplify issues that affect the Hispanic community as a whole. To that end, she has championed causes ranging from fighting against discrimination to improving education.

Besides creating and starring in “Caso Cerrado,” Ana Maria has various TV credits to her name, including appearances on “The Maria Laria Talk Show,” “The Cristina Show,” and “America en Vivo.”

Other Notable “Caso Cerrado” Cast Members

Mary Cruz as Michelle:

Mary Cruz is a bilingual (Spanish & English) actress and performance artist from Colombia. She received classical training at The Sylvia Young Theatre School and The Arts Educational School in London. Her credits include appearances in prime TV shows such as “El Vato,” “Bosch,” and “Shameless.”

Rolando Baute as Psychic:

Rolando is a Cuban-American psychic based in Miami. His extensive experience in esoteric readings has landed him numerous appearances as a guest expert on various Hispanic TV shows like “Caso Cerrado” and “Un Nuevo Dia.”

Rigo Obezo as Himself:

Rigo made his screen debut as a teenager in the immensely popular show “Sabado Gigante.” He has since appeared in a wide range of projects such as commercials for mainstream brands, music videos, print work, and theater. Rigo’s versatility has even seen him perform stand-up comedy at the world-famous comedy store in Los Angeles.

Anji Ray as Angie:

Born to Panamanian parents in Augusta, Georgia, Anji started her career shortly after studying acting at The American Musical & Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles. She has appeared in several tv shows, indie films, and music videos.

Javier B. Suarez as Boris:

Javier was born in Cochabamba, Bolivia. His long acting career includes appearances in dramatic movies such as Javier Teran’s “Etreum and Claudia Siles’ “Can’t do it alone” — as well as comedy movies like Guery Sandoval’s “The Pocholo and Marida.” He has won several awards for his work including the Best Supporting Actor Award in the Filmapalooza Festival 48HFP Global Awards in 2017 and the Best Actor Award in the First Ibero-American Festival in 2018.

Teddy Rodriguez as Pedro:

Teddy is an actor and director with a wide variety of TV credits. Some of the projects that he has appeared in includeHey Man,” “NCIS,” and “Vida Cruel 2: Código Negro.”

About the “Caso Cerrado” Emmy Award Nomination

The show’s highest point was, without a doubt, the Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program in 2010. This marked a historical moment in television as “Caso Cerrado” became the first Spanish-language network to receive this honor.

Receiving a nomination alongside English-speaking programs such as “The People’s Court,” “Judge Judy,” “Cristina’s Court” and “Judge Pirro,” the show became a groundbreaking acknowledgment of Spanish-language media as a vital part of American mainstream media. The nomination might have also played a role in introducing the show to an audience outside the Spanish-speaking world.

Ana Maria echoed similar sentiments in a 2010 interview with the LA Times: “We are starting to realize as Americans that we must expand our cultural horizons, that speaking other languages will not limit us as a country or change our identity, but expand it to include better communication with the rest of the world.”

Will “Caso Cerrado” Ever Return?

At this time, there are no plans for a new season of “Caso Cerrado.” Ana Maria Polo is currently focusing on other projects as well as her charity work and breast cancer awareness efforts.

While “Caso Cerrado” is not expected to resume anytime soon. However, there are plans to adapt the show into a feature film. Chile’s Forastero will handle the production and former Turner Latin America executive Ángel Zambrano joining as executive producer. Dra. Ana Maria Polo is expected to take on a leading role. 

The lawyer shared her excitement in a statement: “Throughout all these years, I have received several proposals to make a film. However, this creative concept from Forastero captivated me because, more than replicating the ‘Caso Cerrado’ format, what we will do is to offer the audience a completely different experience than what they are used to seeing during the television show.”

It is worth noting that Forastero was the production company behind the Golden Globe-nominated movie “The Maid.”

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