Leslie Hope was known for portraying the role of Teri Bauer on the award-winning series 24. She was featured on the show as the wife of Federal Agent Jack Bauer and mother of Kim Bauer. She participated in 24 episodes and was shot to death by Nina Myers by the end of Day 1.

What Are They Up To? 24's Leslie Hope

After 24, Hope appeared on The Death and Life of Nancy Eaton, An Expected Love and The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie. She starred on the mini series Human Cargo as Charlene Fischer and on Line of Fire as Lisa Cohen. She tapped into minor roles and guest appearance on shows like The Eleventh Hour, Open Heart, H2O, and House. Later, she had recurring roles on the drama Everwood and on five episodes of Commander in Chief as Melanie Blackston. Most recently, she starred as one of the lead characters on the show Runaway as Lily, and was featured on an episode of Eyes as Nana Burgess.

Hope has just completed a TV mini series entitled Everest, in which she plays the character Michelle Winegate. Based on a true story, the show is about the adventures of Canadians who made it to the world’s tallest peak. The series also stars Eric Johnson as Laurie Skreslet, Jason Priestley as John Lauchlan, William Shatner as Norman Kelly, and John Pyper-Ferguson as Roger Marshall among others. The 42-year old actress is also set to star on the television show The Apostles, which is a crime-drama about the pressures of the professional and private lives of cops. Slated for 2008, the cast includes Shawn Hatosy, Jessalyn Gilsig, Lucy Hale, Steven Brand, and Keith Robinson.

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