The fate of Nancy Botwin will be revealed. Today Showtime officially renewed its long-running comedy Weeds for an eighth season. There is no word yet on whether it will be the show’s final season.

The 13-episode season 8 will air sometime in 2012. Season 8 will also feature the show’s 100th episode, a very impressive feat for a cable series. By comparison, HBO’s ’90s comedy Dream On is the only other pay-cable comedy with more than 100 episodes (Entourage and Sex and the City came close with 96 and 94 respectively).

When Weeds left off at the end of season 7, the extended Botwin family moved in together in a Connecticut compound where Nancy and her sister could live together. The season also featured a big cliffhanger as a sniper’s rifle from an unknown gunman was pointed right at Nancy. In the other big cliffhanger left unresolved, Nancy’s son Shane secretly joined the NYPD after being blackmailed by a cop.

What new twists await Nancy and her family in the eighth season of Weeds? If past years are any indication, there’s absolutely no way to figure out where everyone will be by the time the season is over.

(Image courtesy of Showtime)

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