Get ready for an all new era of America’s Next Top Model. Deadline reports that VH1 has released brand new details of the upcoming reboot of the reality series. Some of the information has already been reported: Rita Ora has been officially confirmed as the new host and Tyra Banks will be involved, to much a lesser degree, in the new America’s Next Top Model. A lot of the news, especially the premiere date, is brand new.

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America’s Next Top Model will make the jump to VH1 on Monday, December 12, 2016. The 14-episode season will premiere at 10/9c.

As previously mentioned (and reported) Rita Ora will be filling in as host for Tyra Banks. Ora will not be alone, however. The next panel of judges for America’s Next Top Model has also been announced with supermodel Ashley Graham, Paper Magazine Chief Creative Officer Drew Elliott and celebrity stylist and image architect Law Roach. 

The reboot will do away with some of the more recent changes to America’s Next Model. The new season will see an all-female cast competing, as was the case in early seasons. Also in line with the roots of America’s Next Top Model, the show will be moving back to New York City for filming. 

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Original executive producers Ken Mok and, of course, Tyra Banks are staying with the show in the new move. Though Tyra is stepping down as host and judge, she is set to make several appearances through the first season. In anticipation of the new season, America’s Next Top Model has released a promo video (embedded below) giving fans a look at what they can expect. 

But what do you think? Are you excited for the next iteration of America’s Next Top Model? What do you think of the new host and judging panel? Is it smart to move back to an all-female cast? 

America’s Next Top Model will premiere Monday, December 12 at 10/9c. Want more news? Like our America’s Next Top Model Facebook page!

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