For those who are curious to find out what’s so special about Jericho that fueled fans to send over 20 tons of nuts to CBS headquarters just to revive the series after the network officially announced its cancellation, here’s a way to learn and watch some of the episodes of the show’s first season.  Universal HD, the cable television network owned by NBC Universal that exclusively broadcasts in high definition, will be airing a marathon of the post-apocalyptic drama this coming weekend.

Although the cable network will only be airing some of the episodes of Jericho, the marathon will hopefully boost the promotion of the series.  This is also a good opportunity for the fans to relive the storylines, especially those who have missed an episode, just in time for the show’s return next year.

The marathon of selected episodes kicks off with the “Pilot,” which finds the residents of the small town of Jericho in a new reality following several nuclear explosions that occurred across the United States.  Citizens attempt to deal with the aftermath, including the threat of radiation in the episode “Fallout.”  This is followed by “Four Horsemen” in which Jake (Skeet Ulrich) organizes four groups to be sent out in all directions to find out what happened.  The drama continues until the sixth episode “9:02.”

Meanwhile, here is the schedule of the Jericho marathon on Universal HD.

December 15

8pm ET/PT – “Pilot”

9pm ET/PT – “Fallout”

10pm ET/PT – “Four Horsemen”

11pm ET/PT – “Wall of Jericho”

December 16

2pm ET/PT – “Pilot”

3pm ET/PT – “Fallout”

4pm ET/PT – “Four Horsemen”

5pm ET/PT – “Walls of Jericho”

6pm ET/PT – “Federal Response”

7pm ET/PT – “9:02”

Aside from Jericho, Universal HD will also be adding reruns of Friday Night Lights, Kidnapped, Threshold, Touching Evil, Philly, and Big Apple, just to name a few, in 2008.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Universal HD
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Kris De Leon

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