Flash Forward hasn’t had a lot of luck lately, from the departure of original showrunner David Goyer to ABC cutting down its episode order.  But it seems as though things are looking up for this sci-fi drama, especially with the promos it has recently launched.

While we’re not new to the whole concept of Flash Forward, the show has only just premiered in Brazil.  They seem very fortunate with the viral ad campaign spreading in the country, taking the form of tarot cards.  Pretty ingenious.

Io9.com reports that several photos surfaced on Ads of the World regarding the premiere of the show in Brazil, which will air it in the AXN network.  They’re certainly worth a look, and may even give us clues to the return of the series.

The first of the photos is this one, pointing to a bum staring at his future as The Millionaire.  I can’t exactly determine if he’s one of the major characters, but it could be that it’s being used to reach out to your average Joe.  After all, who doesn’t want a million dollars?

Next up is The Prisoner, and from the back profile of the guy it kind of resembles Agent Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes).  With all his inquisitive forays into the investigation despite being axed from the job, he’s bound to land in jail.

The third photo shows us The Betrayal, which might as well refer to the Mark-Olivia-Lloyd triangle.  Those portrayed don’t exactly look like them, but we’re thinking the said trio won’t be the only ones whose commitments fall apart because of the blackouts.

Finally, we see The Pregnancy.  It certainly brings to mind the situation of Janis Hawk, who is expecting a baby in her 2-minute vision of the future.

Aside from those intriguing photos though, there’s another sneak peek for the upcoming Flash Forward episode: “Buddha in the Ruins.”  Below, you can watch scientist Simon Campos (Dominic Monaghan) and Agent Benford studying clues.  Well there’s that, and hunting down bottles of beer.

Source: ABC, Io9.com
(Image Courtesy of ABC)

Maria Gonzalez

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