Elena is once again in trouble in The Vampire Diaries midseason premiere, “Woke Up With a Monster.” This time because Kai, who is more powerful than ever, is holding her captive while he learns to control his newly acquired magic. Who will be the one to save her? If it’s Damon, he’s going to need a new strategy when an unexpected visitor throws a wrench into his initial plan.

Elsewhere, Liv and Alaric are going to be trying to help Jo get ready for that pesky merge ceremony with Kai, and while she thinks she can beat him, it turns out she’s weaker than they thought, which can only mean trouble. Also, Caroline tries to find a cure for her mother’s cancer, and Stefan tags along on her trip to North Carolina for his own reasons.

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Watch an extended Vampire Diaries promo below:

This preview seems to cover multiple episodes, from Kai holding Elena captive to Elena back with Damon to Jeremy’s upcoming departure. Kai is going to be holding Elena captive at the high school, and while her rescue is coming, what will he do to her before it happens? Does Kai “always win” in some way or another?

Meanwhile, Enzo follows Stefan and finds out about Sarah Salvatore, but what he wants to know is why he’s keeping her a secret. Also, Sheriff Forbes is prepared to lose the fight against cancer and wants to make sure that Stefan know that Caroline is going to need him when she’s gone.

Check out a sneak peek from “Woke Up With a Monster” to get an update on Jo’s training:

As Liv tells Tyler over the phone, Jo’s “terrible.” If she went up against Kai, she’d lose in nine seconds. That doesn’t bode well for anyone, but is it something that can be fixed with more training? Liv’s ignoring her twin’s texts, but how long can that last?

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Here’s another clip from episode 6.11 of Caroline checking on her mother:

Caroline is trying to do whatever she can to help her mother, from kale smoothies to more blankets, because she’s not happy with how long “modern medicine” takes when she thinks that the answer is just to give her vampire blood. However, Damon refuses to support her because it’s unlikely that will work. As he puts it, “In 170-odd years, I’ve never known an instance where our blood cured cancer. But hey, Sheriff, if you want to be a guinea pig in an experimental study involving weird, unpredictable magic, far be it for me to stop you.”

Here’s the producer’s preview from Julie Plec and Caroline Dries for this TVD episode:

Plec calls this episode, directed by Paul Wesley, “really good,” with Dries adding, “It’s dark and moody and just has a unique Paul tone to the whole thing that just added this other layer that we weren’t expecting when we watched it.”

The preview also offers more information about Kai’s plans for Elena. It turns out he’s going to be using her as target practice while he tries to get his magic under control because “he’s just an exploding magic machine” at the moment, according to Plec.

As for Caroline and Stefan’s road trip, Plec says that “things get a little complicated” when Enzo joins the party.

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The Vampire Diaries season 6 airs Thursdays at 8pm on the CW.

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