The Walking Dead mid-season finale left the internet buzzing and fans stunned over the deaths of Hershel, the Governor and maybe Judith (though most are holding out someone snagged her). AMC is happily reminding us that The Walking Dead is the number one show on television and the highest rated series in cable history. But none of that changes the fact the series has been uneven at times (please don’t hurt me for saying that) and has gone large stretches without actual zombies in a show apparently about them. The Walking Dead mid-season finale did deliver the epic prison war and the Rick showdown with the Governor that had been promised last season. Everything ended in such a chaotic and action-packed way that one can’t help being a little excited for what is coming next. AMC is here to tantalize us with their newest trailer for the mid-season premiere.

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The tagline for the premiere (or maybe even the second half of the season) looks to be “We’ll never get things back to the way they used to be” and the episode title is likely “Don’t Look Back.” The series seems to be promising a major shift now and possibly no more hanging out in comfy farms or prisons. Based off the trailer, it also looks like our lovable gang will remain divided and many will be left to wander around on their own. They may be without much human company, but it does seem the zombie population is back up in full force. It also appears that Michonne is back to her favorite hobby of separating zombies from their heads. Tyreese doesn’t want to be left out of the zombie head damage party either, so we should be warming up for some bloody battles.

The trailer also hints that we will likely be getting a lot of Carl. The storyline over his drift into possible insanity will continue. Hopefully, this also helps make him a more complicated character and open up some interesting stories. There are only a few quick clips of Maggie and Glen, but it looks like they have much more on their minds than the wedding.  Daryl’s clips consist of him doing some good old fashioned zombie head smashing, but I’m sure we can expect his character arc to remain intriguing.

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It is a short trailer, but definitely promises the type of post-apocalyptic series many are craving. The characters will be wandering and fighting for their survival while also dealing with emotional turmoil. It is just like our grandparents promised the end of the world would be like.

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think is in store.

(Image and video courtesy of AMC) 

Chris Spicer

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