The Gang from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a glorious hot mess of loud and misguided opinions, and that’s why we love them. They constantly get themselves into trouble based on their ignorant views. They fight with each other constantly. And the best part? They never ever change despite their growing list of failures.

Sweet Dee Reynolds is a key player in The Gang, despite how often the fellas ignore and disregard her. She always wants in on whatever they’re planning. She seeks their approval at every turn. She never gets that approval, but that doesn’t stop her from trying. Dee is also always trying to educate these fools, and she passionately supports gender equality. Dee is often laughed at for being a feminist, but here are some of the most hilarious times she really gave it her best shot.

1. That Time She Tried to Educate the Guys on Abortion Rights

dee giphy (13).gifIn the first season, Charlie runs into a woman claiming to be the mother of his child. The guys feel for him, and talk about how he should’ve had a say in the matter when this woman was pregnant. There’s ends up being an abortion rally and as Mac and Dennis try and hit on woman protesting and supporting a women’s right to choose, Dee stands on the pro choice side and tries to make sure her voice is heard. Of course, it all falls apart when the two sides get into an egg fight, with Dennis as their main target.

2. That Time She Wanted to Learn Self Defense

dee giphy (17).gifThe Gang gets approached by crackhead mugger in an alley and the guys push Dee towards the mugger and run away. She decides she’s fed up with relying on them and wants to be independently strong and Frank offers to teach her how to fight. Then she gets all hopped up on steroids and she and Charlie get arrested for beating up a random guy. Game over.

3. That Time She Wanted to Run for Office

deegiphy (12).gifShe tries to tell the guys about other inspiring female politicians and how she should get a chance to run, but they all decide that Dennis looks the most like a politician, so he ends up running instead. And to get back at him, Frank dresses Dee up like a stripper to seduce a comptroller into a potential bribe. 

4. That Time She Tried Out for an NFL Team

dee giphy (15).gifThe Gang hears that the Eagles are holding open tryouts and of course, Mac and Dennis are all over it. Dee insists that she should also get the chance to tryout, especially since she’s in good shape and capable of playing but they tell her she has “bones like glass” and can’t. She dresses like a dude to get in, and then reveals that she’s a woman halfway through. Then she breaks her foot after a kick attempt, but A for effort.

5. That Time They Recycled Their Trash

dee giphy (18).gifAnd recycled many mini storylines. The guys try scam people into paying for trash removal, while Frank takes Dee to seduce a city official into giving them the trash contacts. He wants her to dress like a whore and she refuses. She wears a business suit and wants to appear smart. Then they end up in the middle of a union riot and Dee is wearing an extremely offensive costume of a Latino woman.

6. That Time She Dined Alone

dee giphy (14).gifMac and Dennis and Charlie and Frank are on two separate dinner dates and end up at the same restaurant. The entire evening is about two getting back at the other two for not being included, while Dee watches on and tries to prove that there’s nothing wrong with a woman taking herself out to dinner. But then they end up in an almost food fight and a waiter ends up covered in spaghetti.

7. That Time She Tried to Save the Day

dee giphy (16).gifThe Gang gets trapped in a convenient store in the middle of a robbery and each one of them fantasizes about how they would save the day. All fantasies are equal parts self-serving and bonkers, but Dee’s is particularly awesome. She stops the mugger by convincing her to hand over the gun. Then she kills the guys and turns the mugger in. Then she makes her own fame as an actress and marries Brad Pitt. But then she wakes up.

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Chrissa Hardy

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV