This is an important episode of The Blacklist. Lizzie has taken control of her life and is coming to terms with the revelation about Tom. But now she’s going to have to start making compromises in both her professional and personal lives. She’s not the only one: Ressler makes a shocking move in letting a blacklister go — that’s not like him. Then again, this blacklister does seem to have some motivation.

This week’s episode of The Blacklist, titled “Milton Bobbit,” starts with a woman catching a cab to LaGuardia. She calls her kid to say she’s on her way, but the cab driver starts swerving and speeding. He says, “I’m sorry, Ms. Mitchell,” while she screams to be let out. How does he know her name? He touches a picture of a woman and crashes the cab, killing them both.

A man reads about the crash later and immediately calls to make a wire transfer. He goes to his house and appears to follow some daily routine. After, he sits in a chair showing his abused body and pulls his nose off. It’s not a pretty sight.

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The Dying Murderers

Red tells Lizzie about the car accident and the Undertaker. He convinces people to do his dirty work for him. It usually ends in murder suicide. We then see that he convinces a woman to kill herself and a man. She goes up to the man at a gas station and begs for forgiveness, saying she has a brother. She kills them both.

Lizzie talks about the two cases. Police assume it was a runaway cab and an unstable woman. That’s not the case, though, it’s assassination and the perfect murder.

Lizzie and Ressler go to interview the victims’ families. They find that both assassins had terminal illnesses, and mental problems or dementia. Also, now, the families no longer have financial worries.

The Undertaker convinces another man to take the job by telling him his wife and daughter would be taken care of financially.

The taskforce finds out about the Undertaker’s newest job and rush off to stop it. The new assassin, Dany, is going to kill a politician. Lizzie and Ressler get there just in time to stop it.

Red talks to Lizzie. She tells them that all the assassins are terminally ill. He tells her that she only knows that from the autopsies, but the Undertaker knows beforehand. She needs to find out how.

The taskforce realize that the assassins all had life insurance policies dropped. Ressler goes without Lizzie, though. He knows she’s not really present because of Tom.

Ressler and Malik go to the life insurance company and one agent says there are no files once it’s dropped. He says to talk to Milton. Apparently, Milton’s a strange man. They go to break into Milton’s place and find all his strange stuff including folders on upcoming victims.

The Death Wish

Milton goes up to a man on one of the files. He knows the man, but the man doesn’t recognize him. Milton says he was a patient with diabetes and points a gun at him.

Ressler figures out that the assassinations stopped being murders for hire and started becoming personal. This all has to do with a clinical trial. Milton Bobbit was patient zero.

Milton takes the man, the doctor from the trial, to a cemetery. He tells him that he’s come to accept that he will die and reveals a bomb strapped to his chest. He talks about what the doctor did to him and pulls his nose off again.

The taskforce realize that since Bobbit is terminal, he will do that last murder-suicide. They also realize he’s at the cemetery he often visits.

Bobbit also talks about how he’s done such good things by helping these people provide for their families, but that doesn’t negate the terrible things the doctor did. He’s about to kill him when the police show up.

In a bold move, Ressler approaches Bobbit. He then goes to arrest the doctor, Osborne, for the terrible crimes he committed in the criminal trials. The doctor says Bobbit should be arrested, but Ressler says he knows he has no intention of being arrested. They walk away and Bobbit blows himself up.

Red meets with Cooper. Red was after Bobbit’s client list, but won’t say why.

An Impromptu Wedding

Things are tense between Lizzie and Tom now that she knows the truth. Tom doesn’t know that she knows, though, and he asks her to remarry him. And she says yes! Why? She’s not as overjoyed as she puts on, though. She destroys a bunch of stuff in the house after Tom leaves and appears to be looking for something.

Lizzie wants to investigate Tom. She calls Red in and demands to know what he knows about Tom. He doesn’t know much, though. Someone was in his business and so he took count of his vulnerabilities: Lizzie. They figure out that Tom came into her life because of Red. Lizzie wants to know how she and Red are connected, but Red wants to focus on the matter at hand. He says the rest will come, but we know it probably won’t come for a while.

Lizzie tells Red that Tom wants to renew their vows. Red says it’s because he’s desperate. But this means that the people Tom works for who are always cautious can be found. They’ll have to act naturally to everyone, though, in order to pull it off.

Tom comes home to find that Lizzie wants to renew their vows right away. She has invited a bunch of people over. Tom’s brother even came in. She sneaks his wine glass into her bag.

Tom and his supposed brother, Craig, talk privately. They know they’re in trouble. Craig says that Tom’s in trouble and that Lizzie knows. But Tom’s very confident. He thinks he has Lizzie nailed down. He’s wrong. Lizzie is finally taking control.

Lizzie and Tom continue on with their vow renewals. Lizzie talks about the future and says it’s going to be “one hell of a ride.”

Lizzie’s InvestigationĀ 

Lizzie watches the footage that the people across the street had taken. She starts finding connections and learning more about her recently renewed husband. She sees something strange. Tom hid a key that she then finds.

Dembe goes to Lizzie’s house. She asks him to run the prints on the wine glass. He talks more than he’s probably ever talked. He likes her wall paint.

Red goes down to see a Bosnian Professor in El Salvador. He has Craig’s fingerprint and wants the professor to help him because Craig is an alias. The professor refuses because Red slept with his wife, but Red uses his charm and a weekend on his property to convince him.

Red tells Lizzie and they should talk to Craig. So Lizzie attacks him in his hotel room.

Lizzie handcuffs Craig to the sink and starts yelling at him and smashing his head against the sink. She calls him Christopher Mally and that she knows everything. He says she has no idea who she’s dealing with. She gets a call and says she’ll be right there. Christopher thinks that means he’ll get away, but she just goes to the door to let Red and Dembe in on her way out. Things don’t look good for him because Red wants to take him somewhere.

Red takes Christopher to some public place with puppets. Christopher says he would rather die than talk, but Dembe walks in wheeling Christopher’s mother in a wheelchair. Something says he’ll start talking now. Red takes him back to the hotel while Dembe rolls the woman the other way.

Lizzie comes to the hotel room to find Red and Dembe watching a funny movie. They were waiting for her. Lizzie questions Christopher while Tom calls her phone. Christopher says Tom has a brother in Chicago and there’s a woman named Nicki, but is interrupted when Tom starts calling the hotel room. Christopher says it’s only a matter of time before he finds them. They have to leave.

They have Christopher call Tom, who says he’s accountable to Berlin and he’s coming over. Berlin sparks Red’s interest, but Christopher won’t talk. Red and Lizzie start to discuss how they’re going to move Christopher to another location, but he jumps out the window. Lizzie is shocked, but Red calmly tells her that they have to leave.

Lizzie’s New Compromise

Lizzie says she can’t pretend to be with Tom anymore, but Red tells her to be patient. He’s still stuck on Berlin.

After repairing the lamp where Lizzie found the key, she tells Tom she wants to meet up with Craig, but Tom says he left. He stops Lizzie from leaving the room. He wants a tender moment with his new bride and they both have the most disgusted faces.

This was a good episode of The Blacklist and it brought up some new questions. We have new questions about Tom, Berlin and Nicki. That key Lizzie found is also in play now. Plus, why did Red want the Undertaker’s client list?

The Blacklist airs Monday nights at 10pm on NBC.

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