All five major networks have released their schedules for Fall 2014, including 24 new shows. Based on the announcements, time slots and trailers released by the networks, it’s easy to make snap judgments to decide which shows you should get excited about and which ones you can write off.

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Based on these first impressions, here are five shows I’m very excited about seeing this fall, one from each network.

The 5 Least Exciting New Fall 2014 Shows>>

Marry Me (NBC, Tuesdays at 9pm, Watch More New NBC Trailers)

NBC doesn’t have the best track record with comedies lately. In the past four years, only three of the 20 new sitcoms were renewed for a second season (Up All Night, Whitney and this year’s About a Boy). But maybe this new rom-com direction will help. Comedies are typically won or lost on the cast, and for NBC, I can’t think of better leads than Casey Wilson and Ken Marino, Wilson’s three seasons on Happy Endings and Marino’s work on Party Down and Veronica Mars already have me rooting for this show to make it. Plus, getting the post-Voice time slot (like About a Boy this year) is a sign that it just might make it.

Gotham (FOX, Mondays at 8pm, Watch More New FOX Trailers)

I’m a sucker for superheroes, especially origin stories. The promise of seeing Gotham City before the rise of Batman, as well as the humble beginnings of iconic villains like the Riddler, the Penguin and Catwoman, has me excited. It also has a strong cast, led by Ben McKenzie (Southland) and Donal Logue (Sons of Anarchy, Terriers).

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC, Thursdays at 10pm, Watch More New ABC Trailers)

There’s a good reason ABC gave all of Thursday night to executive producer Shonda Rhimes. The woman knows how to make great, compelling TV, and this could be her next big hit. With two-time Oscar nominee Viola Davis as a brash law professor who takes four students under her wing, the trailer promises sex, intrigue, personal conflict and, of course, murder. From Seattle Grace interns to Gladiators, Rhimes knows how to make young, fresh-faced newbies into compelling characters, and this is a great addition to the ShondaLand family.

The McCarthys (CBS, Thursdays at 9:30pm, Watch More New CBS Trailers)

CBS is filled with new crime-solving procedurals and Madam Secretary looks good, but surprisingly I’m most excited about a multi-camera family sitcom. CBS is the only network with this format works, and this show about a sports-obsessed Boston family and their gay son could be a nice fit with everything else they have. It helps to have a strong cast, and here there’s Jack McGee (Rescue Me) and three-time Emmy winner Laurie Metcalf. Throw in one of the New Kids on the Block (Joey McIntyre) and you have a broad sitcom that could find large appeal. Not every comedy needs to be edgy like Girls or Veep, nor do they need to be overly clever like The Mindy Project and Modern Family. Sometimes you just want a simple sitcom.

The Flash (The CW, Tuesdays at 8pm, Watch More New CW Trailers)

For two seasons, Arrow has been a huge hit for the CW and while there may have been initial concerns about a Flash spin-off, Grant Gustin‘s appearance as Barry Allen in the middle of Arrow season 2 relieved any doubts. Few shows have as much excitement and fan support going into their first season, but The Flash is definitely something to be excited about. With a stellar cast that includes Jesse L. Martin and Golden Globe nominee Tom Cavanagh, there’s no new fall show quite so electric. It helps that the full-length trailer is fun and a bit less dark than Arrow itself.

Which new fall shows are you most excited about?

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