You can always count on CBS’ Criminal Minds to come up with something else to add to your list of “things to fear upon stepping outside (or inside) of your home,” and as you can see in the previews released for this week’s episode, “A Thousand Suns” might not be the episode to watch if you have a fear of flying.

This episode sees the BAU called in to build a profile around the suspicious circumstances after a passenger jet crashes in Colorado. This is a case that hits close to home for Kate and reminds her of a family tragedy.

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The end of the season premiere showed that Kate has someone waiting for her at home, but exactly how that young girl is related to her has yet to be revealed. However, her secret, which involves a plane crash is something that Hotch and Rossi already know and Kate will tell Reid this week. “Something pretty tragic happened in her life, but she wasn’t a victim necessarily,” executive producer Erica Messer told TV Guide. This secret is partially why she became an FBI agent, and it is something she doesn’t “want…to be what defines her, certainly to the rest of the team.” It is also what makes her “as strong as she is.”

Check out the promo for “A Thousand Suns”:

The crash looks like anyone’s worst nightmare when it comes to flying anywhere. “The plane just fell out of the sky?” JJ asks, but it turns out someone is controlling the plane from the ground, which means it can happen again at any moment. Even though this isn’t their normal kind of case, the BAU is still looking for a serial killer.

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Watch a sneak peek:

The team boards the jet as Garcia tells them about the case. A plane just crashed in a field, no survivors. Reid’s ready with the statistics about plane crashes (80% happen within 3 minutes of takeoff or 8 minutes of landing), but this wasn’t an accident. A witness saw a “streak of light” before the crash, and it’s up to the BAU to determine if there was a crime and if so, for the profile of the offender. “Safe travels,” Garcia wishes them.

Criminal Minds season 10 airs Wednesdays at 9pm on CBS.

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