Earlier, it was reported that former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham would appear in the second season of ABC’s hit series, Ugly Betty.  Although Beckham did not personally confirm the reports, Eric Mabius, one of the show’s stars, let it slip that she was “keen” on joining the show.

Now, almost two weeks later, British tabloids are claiming that Victoria Beckham- aka Posh Spice- has already signed on to do a cameo appearance in Ugly Betty. It has also been reported that the 33-year-old singer/ fashion designer will be paid £70,000 to appear as herself. The said amount is equivalent to around $140,900.

Eric Mabius, who plays Mode’s editor-in-chief Daniel Meade, persuaded Beckham into signing up for the show.  The two met at a London party last month.

Victoria Beckham is expected to appear in two episodes of Ugly Betty‘s upcoming season.  According to the tabloids, a source close to the Beckhams said, “Victoria has been thinking about it for a while after Eric [Mabius] suggested it.  He had made no secret of wanting her to appear on the show because she is such a fashion icon, and that is what the show is all about.

“She epitomizes what Mode, the magazine in the show, is all about.  It is about trendy, slim people who are into high fashion.

“She was particular about not launching herself as an actress because she is aware that she isn’t one.  That’s why she wants to play herself, so she doesn’t have to act.

“It is an ideal job for her because she is moving to the States and is trying to build up her megastar status over there, so the part will certainly not do her any harm.”

This month, Beckham and her family will be relocating to Los Angeles, where her husband, world-renowned English footballer David Beckham, is set to begin playing with the LA Galaxy soccer team.  The Spice Girls worldwide reunion tour, from where Beckham stands to earn as much as £10 million, is scheduled to begin in November.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Daily Mail, metro.co.uk
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