Sunday’s brand new episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody opened with big news for Zack (Dylan Sprouse) – he’s finished with Summer School! He decides to enter the working world, so that he can have his own spending money, like Cody (Cole Sprouse). But working for Arwin (Brian Stepanek) at the Tipton – and just “working” period – aren’t exactly his cup of tea. Meanwhile, Maddie (Ashley Tisdale) is still working as a camp counselor, but her juvenile delinquent campers are using her to sell information on London (Brenda Song) to the tabloids for money. But London doesn’t mind that much, since the secrets they reveal lead to her spending some quality time with the cute pool boy.

Zack hears Cody talking to their mom Carey (Kim Rhodes) about some tennis shoes that he wants to buy that have a television screen on the toe. Zack says he wants a pair, too, so Carey tells him he should get a job like Cody now that he’s done with school. Arwin mentions that he needs some help around the hotel, and Zack becomes his “left-hand” man. Unfortunately for Zack, the first task he has to help Arwin out with is cleaning out the main garbage disposal. A couple of pokes up the pipe with a long stick and both Zack and Arwin are covered in what looks like the same green stuff that Nickelodeon slimes stars with during the Nick awards. YUCK!

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Zack goes to the mini-mart that Cody is working at to buy some more bleach (or “blech” as he calls it). He wastes as much time as possible, because he does not want to go back to work. While he is wandering around the store, Cody’s manager mentions to Cody that he needs to hire another worker – does he know of anyone? Cody knows Zack would like to work there, too, but he is aggravated at his twin, so he tells his manager that he doesn’t know of anyone else looking for a job.

Arwin is surprised when Zack finally returns with the bleach – mainly because it is the next day. Arwin is very bad with the discipline thing, so Zack gets away with his laziness and lack of work ethic. As they are talking, a leak starts spraying Arwin from one of the water pipes. Arwin uses his hand to stop it, but when Zack can’t find anything else to plug the leak, he takes off for the mini-mart again – leaving Arwin stranded with only his hand stopping the leak. Zack finally returns hours later with duct tape, and Arwin’s arm is stuck in the out-stretched position until Zack duct tapes it down. Zack almost seems remorseful for being such a bad worker. Arwin too easily forgives him, and then tells Zack to change the pool filter before he leaves. Zack gets a paper cut from opening the cardboard filter container, thus giving him another excuse to waste time at the mini-mart to look for a bandage.

While Zack and Cody are dealing with their summer jobs, Maddie is making the best of her job as camp counselor at the miserable Summer Camp. She gets a phone call from London, who admits that she has never learned how to swim, even though her name is on an overpriced line of swimwear. London makes Maddie swear she won’t tell anyone her secret, but the girls in the cabin overhear the conversation. They end up selling the information to the tabloids, and use the money to buy an extravagant meal. Maddie walks in on them eating and starts questioning them about the food, but gets distracted by the crème brulee.

Meanwhile, London is horror-struck when she sees that the tabloids found out about her not being able to swim. Moseby (Phill Lewis) tells her that if she would learn how to swim, this problem would go away. London has a lap pool installed in her suite and gets the Tipton lifeguard, Lance (Aaron Musicant), to come give her private lessons. The lessons turn into something more, and London falls for Lance. Her phone call to Maddie telling her about Lance is again overheard by the hooligans at the camp, who sell the scoop to the tabloids. Lance, who is as equally dense as London, if not more so, doesn’t realize that the “Tipton employee” that the tabloids say London has the hots for is actually him – until London tells him and they kiss.

When Maddie sees the new couch and television in the decrepit camp cabin, she knows the girls are definitely up to something. The pathological liar ends up telling the truth for once, spilling the beans to Maddie that they have been telling London’s secrets to the tabloids for money. Maddie is furious at first, but a phone call from London, who is over the moon about Lance yet still manages to insult Maddie’s hairstyle, results in Maddie getting more scoop for girls to sell.

The stories converge when London and Lance decide to show off London’s newly acquired swimming skills in the Tipton pool, but since Zack never changed the filter – the pool is filled with sludge. A brown-muck covered pair of unhappy swimmers come off the elevator, and London rips into Moseby wanting to know who is responsible. Moseby confronts Arwin, but just as Zack is about to confess – Arwin takes the blame for him. Zack thanks him after Moseby leaves, and promises to make it up to him, but Arwin tells him just to go away.

The next morning, Arwin is stunned to discover that Zack has come in early and cleaned out the pool all by himself. Zack also told Moseby the truth. Later at the mini-mart, Zack stops by to see Cody and ends up helping a customer in front of Cody’s boss, who then asks him if he wants a job. Zack finds out that Cody knew all week that there was a job opening at the mini-mart, but didn’t tell him. The episode ends with Zack chasing after Cody with the intent to do bodily harm.

Next weekend, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody takes part in Disney Channel’s “Wish Gone Amiss” weekend, when the twins wish to be superheroes – and it doesn’t turn out as great as they thought it would.

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