Season 6 of 24 has gotten off to a momentous start. How do you follow up the detonation of a nuclear weapon? We’ll find out. Here are my thoughts while watching hour #5, 10AM-11AM:

  • President Palmer finally seems more presidential.
  • Down to the presidential bunker, doors sealed. I have a feeling the president will be down there for the rest of the day.
  • Anything the show does to portray the chaos after a nuclear explosion is going to feel false. It’s not their fault. Buuut, I expected more chaos.
  • If anything can wake Jack Bauer up out of his Curtis-killing induced coma, it’s saving a guy who crashed his helicopter into the roof of a house. I know it always works for me.
  • The president and his bunker. I like it more already than last year’s presidential retreat.
  • Bill Buchanan will not shake Assad’s hand. I have a feeling Assad will do some heroic things by the end of the day. I also have a feeling that Assad will die.
  • And now the Russians are involved. Why must we always pick on the Russians?
  • PHILLIP BAUER! Has there ever been a less surprising admission than the fact that Jack hasn’t spoken to his father in over nine years?
  • As much as I like Regina King (and I do), she continues in the line of bitchy, annoying Palmer women.
  • Holy crap! The guy who was President Logan’s puppeteer is Jack’s brother! Jack’s brother is a bad guy! A very, very bad guy. This is crazy. I don’t know what to think. Jack is going to kill his own brother. Right? He has to.
  • I think it’s safe to say that Jack’s brother (Graham) is a cell-phone specialist. He does all his masterminding over the phone. Who names one kid Jack and the other Graham? Maybe Jack isn’t Jack’s real name. Maybe it’s something like Corey or Erroll.
  • No, it’s Jack.
  • Rena Sofer makes her first appearance, as Graham Bauer’s hot wife. Who had a thing with Jack before getting married to his brother. The backstory begins to flesh itself out.
  • Bill Buchanan finally gives in and shakes Assad’s hand as he’s about to leave for DC.
  • Hey Regina King. We get it. You don’t want your boyfriend working undercover. Deal with it.
  • Could that actually be Jack Bauer’s son? This Bauer family subplot is going to be awesome.
  • Jack Bauer is not one to mince words, especially this season. He is a freaking robot right now.
  • DO NOT LIE TO JACK BAUER’S FACE, EVEN IF HE IS YOUR BROTHER. HELL, ESPECIALLY IF HE IS YOUR BROTHER. Why? He will punch you in the head and then electrocute you until you tell him what he wants to hear; the truth.
  • President Wayne Palmer addresses the nation from his bunker, with a fake oval office facade behind him.


-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer


Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV