We’re still a month away from the second season of the sci-fi drama hit Under The Dome, but spoilers are already coming in about what to expect from the season, which will premiere on June 30 at 10pm on CBS.

According to promo clips, it looks as if the Dome is becoming even more in control of the citizens of Chester’s Mill. And yes – telekinesis looks to be involved. In an early scene, the Dome produces a ringing noise that nearly knocks its inhabitants unconscious. Lesson learned: Nobody should mess with a moody Dome.

E! Online reported that “There are definitely two major deaths in the beginning of season two… As if that wasn’t shocking enough, we’re hearing another one is coming by the end of the season.” The first death will happen almost immediately in the premiere episode. 

Executive producer Neal Baer admitted that the second death of the season “doesn’t mean you won’t necessarily see [that character] again,” teasing that “anything is possible under the dome.” Dome life ain’t easy, guys. 

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Another intriguing tidbit that he revealed was the change in communication throughout the dome moving forward. “There’s a break in the dome … where internet messages can get through,” explained Baer. “In episode 3, Norrie and Joe start to get messages from this young man and we will actually meet him in episode 8.” Intriguing. This means that we’ll probably be introduced to a bunch of new characters this season. 

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The great author Stephen King, who wrote the story that the series is based around, has also penned the script for the premiere episode and will also make a brief appearance in front of the camera this season. 

You can watch the teaser trailer here: 

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Are you looking forward to catching the second season of Under The Dome this summer? 

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