On Under the Dome, the town of Chester’s Mill has to deal with the death of their Sheriff and the growing troubles that come with the existence of the dome. Executive Producers Neal Baer and Brian K. Vaughn spoke with reporters about the set up of the series and the difficulties to be overcome. Plus, check out a preview of “Fire.”

Baer said that “so much happens in the first week,” that they decided to cover a single day in each episode at least for the first 10 hours of the series. They aren’t tied to that timeline, so it could change in the future.

“Every episode has mysteries that will be resolved … and it’s very character based.” Baer contined, “We’re going to get into the character stories and personal lives.  It’s really refreshing. Plus, it’s a parable for our times because we all live under this dome.” 

Baer also believes that the story has real life implications, “We’re in a drought in the Southwest right now and we’re going to possibly run out of water under the dome.  How do we deal with those things without banging the audience on the head?”

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“We’ll see our characters live through it and deal with it and fight and have conflicts about it.  Whether you take something away from that and think about your own lives is something we hope you do, but it’s a rich arena for exploring all these issues today, whether it’s governmental or sustainability or running out of medicines.”

In the second episode, “Fire,” the question about whether they can dig under the dome will be answered. Vaughan said, “The dome is so huge, and it is so beyond anything that these people have seen before, that it won’t just be one episode of figuring out the rules, but several.”

Check out the preview for “Fire.”

Under the Dome airs Mondays at 10 pm ET on CBS.

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