One year after her departure from the reality competition series, Tyra Banks is making an unexpected return to America’s Next Top Model. The model/host recently spoke with TV Guide at the Freeform upfronts red carpet about what brought her back to the series. Find out what she had to say below.

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America’s Next Top Model found a new home on VH1 last season, where it was hosted for one season by Rita Ora. With that season, apparently, fans of the show and of Banks herself were quick to let her know how badly she was missed.

“My fans on social media — and not just my fans, but the fans of the show — were very vocal to a point where I was like, ‘Maybe it was a mistake for me to have walked away?'” she said.

Banks had hosted the series for 22 seasons, so of course fans of the show would be hard to please if someone else were to take the torch. Much of the show’s draw is in the way she carries herself on it, and of course, her many “Tyra-isms,” of which we all have our favorites. Tyra herself revealed which “Tyra-ism” she loved the most:

“‘Hoe, but make it fashion’ is my all-time Tyra-ism,” Banks said. “There was one model that was looking very too sexy and I was like, ‘Ok, pose sexy in the shot, but make it fashion.”

Are you excited to see Tyra Banks return to America’s Next Top Model? Share your favorite Tyra-ism in the comments below!

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Kartik Chainani

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