Corinne Olympios still wouldn’t say if she’s heading to Bachelor in Paradise for its fourth season but the controversial villain of The Bachelor season 21 has already confirmed where she’s appearing next. During a radio interview on Hits 1 in Hollywood on Sirius XM, the reality star revealed that she already filmed an episode of The Bachelorette season 13.

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“I filmed an episode with her and I met some of the guys she’s dating. [They’re] cute, yes,” Olympios said of new Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay and her men. “We’re off to a good start.” 

Olympios, who competed for Bachelor star Nick Viall along with Lindsay, hopes that people will support the upcoming historic Bachelorette season.

“God, I hope [the show will get good ratings],” Olympios said. “It would be such a shame if people didn’t watch because of her race.”

“Of course [Lindsay is] nervous. It’s only natural that she’d be nervous — I would be nervous,” she added. “But she’s just so endearing and bubbly and inviting that I don’t think people will pay attention to it.” 

Besides the upcoming Bachelorette season, Olympios also shared her thoughts on her ex and his new fiancee.

“They’re so phony with each other,” she said of Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi. “It sucks, because they’re both really real people separately, but whenever they were together looking at them…I mean I lived with Vanessa and dated Nick, that’s not how either one of them really are. So I’m like, ‘What are you guys doing?'”

Are you looking forward to see Olympios on The Bachelorette? Why do you think will she be making appearance in season 13? What do you think of her opinion about Viall and Grimaldi? Do you agree with her?

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Dean Bextor

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