Revenge took a break on the Initiative for a week, and instead Emily and Nolan go bird hunting. It is actually a bit shocking the writers went with the Falcon reveal and downfall so quickly, because I guessed it would have been dragged out to the finale. Of course, there are several other juicy secrets and surprises that are being built up. This week offers up a rather nice dose of resolving some stories while also adding loads more intrigue and mystery.

The Falcon’s Wings are Clipped

One of the best things about season 2 has been the strong relationship between Emily and Nolan. She kind of treated him like a nemesis last season, and it has been endearing to watch her finally recognize all the sacrifices he has done for both her and David Clark. It is an especially sweet moment when Emily allows Nolan the honor of crossing out Edith “The Falcon” Lee’s picture.

Obviously, Emily has every reason to want to shoot down the Falcon, since the notorious hacker played a part in taking down her father. It definitely feels like Emily is more concerned about Nolan getting vengeance for the death of Padma. Nolan finally gets his chance to be a bit of a hero and strut his stuff.

Who would have guessed a popular ’90s video game would be the evil hacker’s downfall? Apparently, the promise of some good old-fashioned Street Fighter was the master stroke to lure the Falcon out of hiding. Nolan then proves thousands of parents and teachers wrong by showing hours of playing video games are valuable. I would never have guessed that Revenge would showcase a dramatic Street Fighter battle with high stakes. The even more shocking thing is the discovery that old-fashioned arcades still exist.

Nolan crushes the Falcon video game style, but the bigger play is tricking her into revealing her own identity as Edith Lee and also releasing Victoria’s secret of abandoning her 6-month-old son Patrick so that she could go to art school. The silly video game duel has some pretty major consequences. It looks like Edith the Falcon has been written out, and we’re likely going to be introduced to another major character soon: Patrick.

Victoria’s Compassionate Side

It feels like Victoria jumps from evil to sympathetic every other episode. This week, the often nasty Victoria shifts to the sympathetic side. She is even more sympathetic since Conrad is such a self-centered jerk trying to force her to reveal her past in order to help his own political aspirations. It turns out to be a disaster for him, since he isn’t ready to discover that the abortion was a lie.

I realize Victoria is still the main antagonist of this series and that this whole reveal is being perpetuated by the hero. But Madeleine Stowe is such a powerhouse actress, and she is fantastic as the heartbroken mother still being tormented over her decision as a young girl. Victoria seems to regret abandoning her son, and it could be legitimate that she wants to reconnect. I could turn out to be way off here, but I feel there are some moments for redemption in her future.

Marriage is the Greatest Revenge

Emily doesn’t seem ready to forgive Victoria anytime too soon. This is a good thing, or ABC would need to scramble to find another fun soapy show to occupy us on Sunday nights. Nolan’s search for Patrick will likely not be all hugs and kisses for Victoria. Speaking of a lack of hugs and kisses, the Grayson hatred means Emily’s future wedding with Daniel is more likely to have tears and heartbreak. Daniel really feels like a guy trying to be noble, but makes a few idiotic decisions. You have to wonder if Emily worries about destroying him and if that is the reason she is hesitant about the marriage.

She does have Aiden’s endorsement. You’d think his pushing Emily to go forward with Daniel would go against his plan to stop Emily from continuing with revenge. Maybe Aiden has some secret strategies swimming around in his head, though being deceptive to your lover isn’t the best route for a happy relationship. Then again, this is the world of Revenge, where people’s motivations and desires change every five minutes, and so maybe he has already backed away from the plan he reveals to Takeda. I’m sure Aiden and Emily are destined for another major conflict. Takeda will likely make one more appearance where he’ll look sinister and mysterious.

Ashley’s True Intentions

Speaking of mysterious, Ashley’s intentions don’t seem completely clear. She plays spy with Jack all episode, and it looks like she’s sincere in her hope to take down Conrad. Her final scene with Conrad makes it look like she may still be trying to remain loyal and obtain success through his election. It could all be a master plan on her and Jack’s part. It is intriguing to see what Ashley’s next big move will be. No matter what happens, I’m predicting things will turn out a little bad for Jack, and he’ll eventually need Emily coming to the rescue.

Charlotte Falls Again

This now leaves us with Declan and Charlotte. My impression of the storyline is Charlotte is being manipulated by the girl she punched and this is all some elaborate plan to wreck her reputation. It looks like Charlotte is ready for yet another spiral. The Declan and Charlotte relationship is ready for more chaos. I just hope it doesn’t end up being a complete repeat of last season, and the characters develop in a new direction.

“Identity” set up some pretty major storylines to lead us to the finale, but also gave some satisfying payoffs like the fall of the Falcon.  As always with this show, I really have no idea what to expect next.

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Chris Spicer

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV