I watched the Fringe tweet-peat, but it’s hard watching the show and reading the tweets.  You just don’t know where to look first.  Brainspark: I went through all four tweeters: executive producers Joel Wyman and Jeff Pinkner, and the Bishops themselves, John Noble and Joshua Jackson–the four J’s–went to their Twitter pages, and read all that they said instead.  Slightly ingenious, I’d like to think.

And some of the stuff they mentioned are stuff that we haven’t exactly tackled before, and I thought I’d share it with you in case you missed it, you overlooked it, or you want someone to make sense of it.  That’d be me, thank you.  I took the tweets, edited them for style, shuffled them (I can’t figure out who said what first anyway) for flow’s sake, and… well, read on.  Oh, and if it helps, they’re watching “The Road Not Taken”, the episode before the finale.  And it’s John’s first time on Twitter.

Joel Wyman: “We pick up this season only a few hours after the season finale.”  (We won’t be able to see what Livy and Belly talked about, at least immediately.  I think we’re all best left hanging on that one.  Right?)

Joel Wyman: “Peter will for sure have some romantic involvement this season.”  (The question still remains: Olivia or Rachel?  Or someone else?)

Jeff Pinkner: “Our inspiration comes from stuff that has happened to us.  Wait till you see what we do with hiccups this year.”  (Hiccups?  What fringe-y things can you do with hiccups?)

Jeff Pinkner: “Coming up with weird deaths?  We just write about our dreams!”

Joel Wyman: “The Observer will be back, and you will learn much more about him this season.”  (Apart from having no eyebrows and the ability to eat a lot of chilis?)

Jeff Pinkner: “No, the Observer does not work for William Bell…”  (Is he from the alternate universe, then?)

Joel Wyman: “Yes, we are thinking of bringing the Observer kid back.”  (Hrm.  The Observer kid is the actual Observer, stuck in time, for some reason.  I speculate.)

Jeff Pinkner: “Yes, some of next season will take place in the alternate universe.  Maybe we are the alternate universe.”

Joshua Jackson: “We should come up with names for all the “alts”.  Alt-livia, Walter-nate, Alt-strid Farnsworth.”  (Best tweet of the tweet-peat.)

Joel Wyman: “Yes, we will find out much about Peter’s mother.”

Joel Wyman: “There will be more about Olivia’s family this season, yes.”  (Now we’re done with the family-related tweets…)

Jeff Pinkner: “Look for more Grayson in season 2.  He’s gonna be verrrrry helpful.”  (Remember the guy who runs this government conspiracy website?  Yep.)

John Noble: “Big challenges on the domestic front.  Might get out by myself a bit more.”

John Noble: “More will be revealed about how Walter lost his memory.”  (Lab fire?  External intervention?)

Jeff Pinkner: “Very freaky Fringe disease coming up this season.  It’s called Miyares.”

Jeff Pinkner: “John loves the cows… all three we’ve cast.”

John Noble: “Gene the cow is still with us.  She’s a critical member of the cast!”  (And all she does is stand there chewing grass.  Did she provide the milk for the custard for the season premiere?)

Joel Wyman: “We have a new cow–related to the one from NY–her name is also Gene.”

J.R. Orci: “Shooting moved to Vancouver.  There were laws against transporting livestock across international borders.  Boo…”  (Yep, that’s supervising producer J.R. Orci, brother of co-creator Roberto Orci, who wasn’t part of the tweet-peat but was asking questions anyway.  Thought it’d be helpful.)

Joel Wyman: “Will Gene the cow serve a special purpose in the future? Well, I hope not a BBQ.”

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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