Love is such a magical thing, especially when it happens on-screen. Viewers are given the perfectly constructed build-up to the moment of the first kiss, the doubts that set in immediately after the kiss, the inevitable, dramatic coupling scene and all the wondrous relationship ups and downs that follow. TV writers just know how to tell a love story. And 2014 was a great year for love. We saw many ups and even more downs, but we’re definitely entering 2015 on a high and happy note. Here are the TV couples that kept us on the edge of our seats during the last 12 months.

#13 Mindy and Danny, The Mindy Project

Because Mindy Kaling, and Mindy Lahiri are both rom-com aficionados, the moment Mindy and Danny got together would’ve made Nora Ephron beam with pride. The entire episode was an homage to Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail, and it was flawless. Anyone who said that once Mindy and Danny got together the show would die, was horribly, horribly wrong. Their couple banter is hilarious and relatable and they’re just perfect in every imperfect way.

Mindy and Danny, The Mindy Project

#12 Regina and Robin, Once Upon a Time

It’s about time, you two! Thank goodness Regina stopped fighting her obvious love for Robin and let them have a steamy makeout sesh. One that we all desperately needed. I get it, though. Putting Robin’s happiness above her own is growth for Regina. That’s something she’s never done before. But that also means that what they have is true love and she just needs to lean into it. So more steamy makeouts, please.

Regina and Robin, Once Upon a Time

#11 Sloan and Don, The Newsroom

Remember when Don was the absolute worst? It’s pretty amazing that his character hasn’t changed and that he’s so likable now. It’s all because of Sloan. Sloan is brilliant and kind of robotic and stupid hot. She’s really the only reason Don is tolerable as a character. Don plus Sloan equals a love bubble of clever quips and endearing looks. Well done, Sorkin. Well done.

Sloan and Don, The Newsroom

#10 Brennan and Booth, Bones

Our favorite crime-solving duo is now married and happily raising their daughter together. It’s fun to see these two so domesticated and normal, despite the madness that ensues every day in their professional lives. They have moments of typical husband-and-wife banter, and also with the passion and love they’ve shared throughout the series. Brennan and Booth have always been an amazing team. Now it’s official.

Brennan and Booth, Bones

#9 Olivia and Jake, Scandal

Sorry, Fitz and Fixer shippers. Jake is 1) available, 2) not a terrible father, 3) totally in love with her, 4) not married, and 5) hot as a Phoenix rising from the flames. They might not have the same level of chemistry and Ms. Pope and Mr. Pres, but does anyone? Passion is not the only requirement to a healthy and long-lasting relationship. And #sorrynotsorry, but Fitz is kind of a needy a**hole. Olivia + Jake = 4eva.

Olivia and Jake, Scandal

#8 Sarah and Hank, Parenthood

I’ll admit that the chemistry between these two has recently fizzled a bit, but isn’t that what happens in real life? Passion fades, folks. Hopefully, once that happens, there’s enough respect and friendship and trust to take its place. Sarah and Hank have all that. And it’s truly amazing to see an adult man, with a child, going through life with Asperger’s. This is a rare storyline that needs to be told and celebrated.

Sarah and Hank, Parenthood

#7 Claire and Jamie, Outlander

That kilt. Those looks. That spirit. Those looks. That wedding dress. Those looks. That sex scene. I mean. . . Claire and Jamie are such a hot pair, I’m kind of surprised the country of Scotland hasn’t exploded into a giant ball of fire. This hiatus is the worst and Outlander needs to return to our TV screens ASAP because Claire and Jamie are everything.

#6 Bash and Kenna, Reign

What started out as an arranged marriage and a barely there friendship has turned into an adorable and loving couple. They’re protective of each other, they live together, and they have insane chemistry (especially when knocking boots), so yeah. . . these two.

Bash and Kenna, Reign

#5 Elena and Damon, The Vampire Diaries

These two are technically no longer a couple, but is all hope lost? No way. Especially since he’s been trying so hard to get her to remember all the love they used to share. That continued hope he’s holding onto is what romance is all about. These two have to get back together, right? I mean, they just have to!

Elena and Damon, The Vampire Diaries

#4 April and Andy, Parks and Recreation

Pretty much everyone on Parks and Rec is part of a couple now, but April and Andy are definitely the cutest lovebugs in Pawnee. They got married young with zero dollars to begin their life together. They’ve dealt with job loss, long distance and other major setbacks. And there’s never any doubt that they’ll be able to handle any of it because their connection is that strong. April hates everything and Andy loves everything. Somehow it just works.

April and Andy, Parks and Recreation

#3 Lafayette and James, True Blood

It began with infidelity and ended in an adorable union. James was just what Lafayette needed and vice versa. He allowed Lafayette to truly forgive himself for Jesús’ death. James didn’t make sense with Jessica the moment they left the vamp camp. And Lafayette was seriously one of the only characters on True Blood who truly deserved a happy ending. I’m glad he got one with James.

Lafayette and James, True Blood

#2 Sansa and Littlefinger, Game of Thrones

Okay, I can hear you expressing your disgust from here. Hear me out though — Sansa was too fragile for her surroundings and she needed someone to guide and harden her into a bullet-proof shell with gorgeous red locks. Littlefinger had an inappropriate crush on her, rooted in feelings he had for her late mother, he manipulated her and had kind of cornered her into relying on him. But now that she fully understands his game and is starting to play? They might just take over the Iron Throne together.

Sansa and Littlefinger, Game of Thrones

#1 Octavia and Lincoln, The 100

This is the closest we’ll get to a modern-day Romeo and Juliet on TV in 2014. He’s a Grounder and seen as the enemy to her people, so after he chains her up in a cave (saving her life in the process) and then saves her from the rogue arrow, their love for each other is unbreakable and still very very forbidden. They desperately want to be together, but they know it’s impossible. It’s pretty hard not to root for them.

Octavia and Lincoln, The 100

Chrissa Hardy

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