Last time on Resurrection, the anti-Returned group “True Living” was whipped into a frenzy when Ray, Elaine’s brother, came down with the same virus that is only supposed to infect the Returned. Margaret realized that Brian Addison, her son’s new business partner, is related to one of the men who died in the factory fire.

Rachel, who refused to take the anti-viral drugs because of her baby, miraculously recovered. Marty finally confided in Maggie that he is double Returned, and she was able to put aside her anger long enough for them to share a beer.

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Fear is Alive

This week’s episode of Resurrection, “Forsaken,” begins with Lucille wiping the red cross off the front door that shows that their house has one of the Returned living there. Tom is also hearing from another good citizen of Arcadia that her late husband’s father can no longer live with her and her children because she fears for the safety of her family.

Elaine’s brother’s Ray is in isolation, and Maggie gives her best friend the troubling news that Ray’s condition seems to be worsening. 

The Past Returns

Meanwhile, Margaret and Jacob journey to the basement to look through old photos. Margaret lectures Jacob on the importance of remembering history, but not dwelling on the past. Of course, Margaret is concerned about the history of one man in particular, and she finds a black and white photo of him and his name: William Kirk.

Margaret then heads over to visit Brian Addison. When he opens the door, she states that he never mentioned that he was related to William Kirk. Addison admits that Kirks was his grandfather and reluctantly invites Margaret in. When he says he assumed that she wouldn’t remember his grandfather, Margaret reminds him that her father was the foreman at the factory and that she knew the face of every man who labored there. She mentions how the fire that took his grandfather’s life was a terrible tragedy, but that there were a lot of nasty rumors about the Langston family that weren’t true. She orders Addison to drop out of the factory deal and stay away from her family. Margaret is one intimidating woman, that is for sure.

A Safe Haven

Tom calls Marty because five of the Returned have been, well, returned by their frightened families. Tom suggests that Marty could help the Returned if they knew Marty’s secret, but Marty feels that his job may become even more difficult if half the town is afraid of him, too. Marty speaks to the woman who is re-homing her father-in-law, and she scoffs at Marty’s argument that he is a human being who doesn’t deserve to be dropped off at some government facility.

Maggie is treated to a visit from Lucille bearing lunch. When Lucille tries to apologize for the way she treated Maggie’s mother, Barbara, Maggie refuses to let her off the hook. An angry Marty confronts Sheriff Fred about whether he knew that the Returned were being dropped off at Tom’s church. Fred reminds Marty that people are afraid because of the virus, but Marty pins it on the fear caused by the “True Living” group and their painted red crosses.

Marty mentions how the men who died in the factory fire were murdered again and again, and that history has a bad habit of repeating. Fred shows him a posting from the “True Living of Arcadia” website and tells Marty that he is going to try and find out who is in the group.

Maggie’s Possible Cure

Maggie has a breakthrough about the virus. She thinks that Rachel’s baby is what cured her. If the baby’s stem cells migrated into Rachel’s system, they could have increased her immune response. Maggie wants to do an amniocentesis to get a sample of any cells in the amniotic fluid. Rachel doesn’t hesitate and agrees. After Maggie leaves the room, Tom confesses that he was going to give her the drug when she was unconscious because he didn’t want to lose her. They hold hands as Tom’s wife, Janine, watches from the doorway. Awkward! Janine is very upset about the amnio and the risk to the baby.

Fred heads off to the hospital to bring Elaine snacks and keep her company. Elaine vents about how she has had to look after her brother for his whole life, and blames him for somehow catching a virus from the Returned — the one thing that he hated most of all. Fred asks her if she knows anything about a group called the “True Living.” Poor Elaine just cannot catch a break and seems doomed to always clean up after Ray.

Good Times, Bad Times

Henry gets a call from the bank letting him know that Addison dropped out of the deal. Henry wants to straighten this out with Addison in person, but Margaret urges Henry to forget about Addison and look for new investors. Does Henry think that his mother knows more than she is telling?

On the way home from the hospital after the amnio, Tom and Rachel discuss baby names, and Rachel grabs Tom’s hand and presses it to her stomach to feel the baby kick.

At the hospital, Maggie tells Marty that once she administers the injection to Ray, it will be a race between the virus and the stem cells. The outcome is uncertain and Marty is running low on the medication, and his boss Angela is not taking his calls. As Maggie is about to give him the injection, Ray wakes up and tells Maggie that if he dies he doesn’t want to be Returned, and if he is, to tell Elaine not to trust him because it won’t really be him.

Fearing for the Baby

Rachel and Tom return to his home with Janine. When Rachel goes to rest, Janine rants to Tom that Maggie forced Rachel to have the amnio in order to save Elaine’s brother. Tom urges his wife to have faith in God, and then asks if she likes the name Nathaniel. Janine states that she does like it. I am starting to be more scared of Janine than the Returned at this point. The woman looks like she is about to explode.

Fred visits Marty in his tiny office and tells him that Joey Nolan is the head of the anti-Returned group. Instead of bringing him to the station, the sheriff, Marty and the deputy go to see him and his friends at the bar. When Fred asks if Joey painted crosses on doors the night before, Joey’s memory is a bit hazy. After a confrontation, Joey tells Fred that Fred knows the Returned are not “natural,” and that is why he called in the Army to help. When Marty asks Joey if he thinks Marty looks different, Joey mouths off. Marty slams his head on the table and tells Joey that if he has an issue with the Returned, he has an issue with Marty, since he is also Returned. Marty storms out, leaving Fred and the rest of the men stunned.

Marty is deep in thought at the sheriff’s station when Fred pops in to tell him that there will be extra patrols tonight. Fred asks if Maggie knows, and he seems relieved when Marty confirms that she does.

Saving Rachel

Janine wakes up Rachel and tells her that Tom called from his church and advised them that they should stay at Janine’s sister’s house for their safety. Janine already has a bag packed for Rachel waiting in the car. I am not getting a good feeling about this.

Henry and Jacob share a bittersweet moment when Jacob gives Henry a sign that he has drawn that says “Langston and Son Furniture.” They share a hug. Henry goes to see Addison and gives him a heartfelt speech about how the factory can bring pride and American craftsmanship back. He is interrupted by Brian’s grandfather, who introduces himself as William. William tells Henry that he worked at the factory before he was even born. William urges his grandson to go through with the deal. At the bank, Henry needs more collateral for his part of the loan, so he agrees to put his house up in order to secure the financing.

Danger in the Air

Elaine, in protective gear, talks to Ray at his bedside, promising to make his favorite meal when he comes home. Maggie asks her father to take Elaine home to get some rest and shower. Maggie hesitantly mentions that Lucille came by to see her. Maggie regrets being so hard on her and decides to call and apologize.

Fred calls Marty because he got a tip that the “True Living” had something major planned for that night. Marty heads to Tom’s church to check on things.

When Tom comes home from church, he is startled to see that Janine and Rachel are not at home. He discovers a pregnancy diary in the nightstand where his wife has meticulously documented everything about the pregnancy as if it were her own natural child, which is not creepy at all.

Tom phones his wife and asks to speak with Rachel. Janine tells him that Rachel is at a doctor’s office being seen by another obstetrician. Tom tells her that he found the journal, and Janine is far from pleased. He asks his wife to bring Rachel home after the appointment. Marty beeps in on the other line to give Tom’s a heads-up about the anti-Returned activity, and Tom agrees to meet Marty at the church.

A Sudden Loss

Everything is quiet there, but Tom gets a call from Rachel. She tells him that Janine is acting weird and it seems like she is trying to keep her at her sister’s house. Tom is alarmed when Rachel tells him that she is where he sent them, because he never told Janine to bring Rachel to her sister’s house. Tom tells Rachel that her worries are legitimate because Janine knows that Tom still loves Rachel. More importantly, without Tom, Janine won’t get to have the baby. Rachel confesses that she loves Tom, too.

Tom is about to leave to rescue Rachel when someone throws a container of tear gas into the church. Marty sends Tom to open the back door to air out the building. Overcome by the tear gas, Tom staggers into the street, where he is struck by Deputy Carl’s car.

I certainly didn’t expect Tom to die in this episode. I was more worried about Rachel. Will Rachel survive with Janine now that Tom is dead? Will Carl come clean about striking Tom with his car? And what does the “True Living” group have planned next? Tune in next time to Resurrection find out!

Resurrection airs Sunday at 9pm on ABC.

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