If you still haven’t come up with a good outfit to go trick-or-treating in this year, BuddyTV offers our top 10 suggestions for TV-related Halloween costumes.

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Some costumes require a bit more creativity to pull off than others.  Most people who dress up as Lost villains take the easy route and don a Ben Linus or Mikhail Bakunin costume, but dressing as the smoke monster requires some true outside-the-box thinking.  All you need to get started are some black bed sheets that completely cover your body and drag behind you, creating the illusion of Smokey’s trail.  We also recommend adding some baby powder, which will provide a nice smoke-like mist as you walk down the street begging for candy.  Add in a tape recorder filled with strange mechanical sounds, as well as a sign reading “Ben Linus is My Master,” and the outfit is complete.  Your costume will likely be indecipherable to anyone other than hardcore Lost fanatics, but like with the show itself, the mystery is part of the fun.

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(Image courtesy of ABC)