This season on America’s Next Top Model, Sheena definitely had her ups and downs.  She would seesaw back and forth each week from the top of the pack to the bottom.  The judges repetitively told her to turn down her sexual nature until it became her undoing in this week’s photo shoot in Amsterdam.  Sheena, however, will be remembered for much more than her photos.  She was a model who stood up for herself and others in the house and was never afraid to speak her mind.  Today, she spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview.

Exclusive Interview: Sheena of 'America's Next Top Model'

How long have you thought about becoming a model? Is this something you thought about growing up?

Well, when I was growing up, I was active in modeling, like child modeling because I was so tall for my age. As I got older, I just thought of it as something fun to do. I did mostly runway-type modeling because I was so tall. Other than that, I really didn’t have too much experience in print work or editorial work. Modeling really isn’t one of my priorities or my strengths and doing this competition made me really see that. I just gathered from it that I’m more likely an entertainer.

Well, there’s so few Asian women on television. Did you feel any pressure to represent well this season?

No, I felt like I had no pressure at all. I knew who I was. I knew that I was a very unique type of Asian-American girl. I really wanted to play to my strengths and show America a side of my personality that does represent a fun side of me. I tried to accentuate the positive as much as possible. At the same time, I always wanted to cater to my demographic and whoever can relate to me from a personal level.

You came into the competition sticking up for people who got picked on, like Isis. Are you proud of the way that you represented yourself?

In terms of how I stood up for other people, I just stated my opinions and how I felt. I didn’t go in with the intention of trying to do something to be proud of. I just tried to go in and tried to make a positive impact over all. Being as though you have this kind of opportunity to be seen on a large scale and to offer your experiences and wisdom to other people… that is what I saw. I didn’t expect to get anything out of it, just putting myself out there the way that I did.

Did it bother you this season that the judges came down on you so much, calling you names like a “hoochie” and things like that?

No, I did not get bothered at all because to be honest, entertainment has socially desensitized viewers to sexuality. I think that for that particular show, and who their audience was, they wanted to maybe accentuate that to my attention so I would maybe learn to tone it down. I think that it was just part of my story arc also, because each of us have something to work on and part of it was just that I had too much sexual energy.

You really shined in the challenge where you had to film the Cover Girl commercial. Were you expecting to make it all the way to the end this season?

When I did the Cover Girl commercial, it was definitely an eye opener, letting me reassure me that I am more suited for entertainment. I just kind of went as it went along and kept doing best and hope for the best. That’s all I can do.

Do you have a favorite photo that you took this season?

My favorite photo has to be the underwater shot. I felt very confident during the whole shoot and the execution came out to be pretty well.

Do you have models that were your favorite this season?

Yeah, my favorite model is definitely McKey.

Which models do you leave this season being friends with?

I’m actually cool with mostly all the girls but I still have love for Isis. Me and her are definitely cool and McKey.

What is the goal for you? Will you continue modeling or will you pursue different aspects of the entertainment industry?

Oh I’m definitely gonna pursue different aspects of the entertainment industry. As far as modeling, I’m more of a glamour model so anything that has to deal with urban or lingerie or sportswear, that type of thing, I’m cool with. I definitely see myself on television, acting or being a tv personality because the ratings prove that I am well on tv. And hopefully a career in singing or something because I definitely love to perform. I’m definitely a performer.


– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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