Can’t get enough of the new season of True Blood? Well here’s another teaser for you. HBO has released the full trailer for the third season, which is basically a hodgepodge for hotness. There’s pretty heavy tension in every scene but leave it to Jason to provide comic relief with his stupidity.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Speaking of Jason, his guilt over the death of Eggs seems to be eating him up inside. Meanwhile, Sookie is obsessed in finding Bill to the point that she’s put herself at risk. It’s a good thing Eric has her back and seems to be looking out for her, along with his werewolf ally Alcide.

The video also gives us a sneak peek at the oldest were-bar in the city, as well as Tara and her new vampire lover Talbot, who appears to be interested on digging dirt on Bill. At the same time, we find out that Jessica may have killed someone while Sam finally reunites with his family.

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Kris De Leon

Staff Writer, BuddyTV