After last week’s emotionally driven episode, it was bracing to see True Blood return its focus on Bon Temps with so much vigor and action. I already had an idea that “New World in My View” would involve chaos, organs, kidneys, livers and some sort of goal, which Sam wittily describes as “Maryann wants to cut out my heart while a bunch of naked people watch,” but I never expected to be on the edge of my seat while I laughed so hard in what appeared to be the funniest moment ever on True Blood.

If you haven’t seen the episode, then I suggest you watch it now. At any rate, here are the highlights:

“Sookie, what are you?”

Maryann’s words were exactly what I was thinking when Sookie gave Maryann some kind of powerful jolt, which didn’t only shock the maenad but viewers as well. We all know that Sookie’s special, being a telepath and all, but seeing her project some kind of flashy light made me wonder what exactly that was. Is it something innate to Sookie? Or is it something tied to Maryann?  

Jason the Horned God

Merlotte’s sure provided the backdrop for the much-needed comic relief in this dark drama. When Sam arrived with Andy at the bar, they found a group of bloodthirsty revelers waiting for them. Surely, there’s nothing funny about this situation and I wouldn’t want to be in Sam and Andy’s shoes. But seeing the scenario pretty much reminded me of a bar scene in Shawn of the Dead —and it became even more ridiculous when Jason arrived with a chainsaw, even if no one was particularly scared by him. But the most hilarious moment happened just right outside Merlotte’s as Jason and Andy teamed up to create a diversion to free Sam, who’s been captured by the possessed mob.

It will take me some time to not think about Jason appearing with flares and a mask, convincing the possessed he is the “horned God” while Andy holds a tree branch behind Jason’s head. That scene alone was pretty entertaining but it got even funnier when Sam begged God Jason to smite him — a request which Sam uttered three times since Jason couldn’t hear inside the mask. And when Jason finally understood, proclaiming, “I smite thee, Sam Merlotte, die!” Sam disappeared, shape shifting once again into a fly, shocking both the possessed residents of Bon Temp and his smiter.

Sookie’s Dirty Dream

Sookie had another one of those sexual dreams involving Eric, making it even more apparent that the Sookie-Eric pairing will happen in the future. It’s obvious that Sookie, although just subconsciously, feels something for Eric. And while she still loves Bill, it’s only a matter of time before she realizes that she can longer resist Eric.  

Meanwhile, Maryann remains undefeated but not for long. After all, Bill seems to know just the right person or should I say vampire to take her down. But something tells me that enlisting the help of Queen Sophie-Anne doesn’t come without a price.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kris De Leon

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