Katherine’s game officially started on The Vampire Diaries with the death of Caroline. However, thanks to Bonnie spilling the beans about Damon healing Caroline when she thought she was talking to Elena, Katherine knew that Caroline’s death wouldn’t be permanent.

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Instead, we’re getting a new vampire, and it’s the perky blonde cheerleader. I consider myself a prophet since, back at the start of season 1, I compared Damon and Caroline to Spike and Harmony from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now the comparison is complete with Caroline’s change.

But what kind of vampire will Caroline be? When Vicki was turned she was in love with her new powers. Will Caroline also turn to the dark side, or will she continue to be a bit of an airhead, a la Harmony?

More importantly, how will Matt deal with this? First his sister was turned, now his girlfriend, so clearly being close to Matt is the kiss of death on The Vampire Diaries. Caroline’s change opens the show to a new kind of storyline, one where the victim is less enthusiastic about being undead.

I hope the show doesn’t kill off Caroline right away like they did with Vicki, because now the show has a chance to really explore being a new vampire. Not only does this offer a brand new world for Caroline, but it could also bring Matt to the center of the story.

Katherine already showed a fascination with Elena’s ex, calling him “delicious” and being obsessed with his blue eyes. If Matt stays in a relationship with Caroline, he might get a taste for vampire love, meaning he could be Katherine’s next target.

Regardless of how it plays out, Caroline’s new status as a vampire is the best thing to happen to her, Matt and the show. The various relationship possibilities have grown and Caroline’s future may be brighter than ever. Let’s just hope the writers have something bigger in store than what happened to Vicki.

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