On tonight’s episode of True Blood, a lot was lost.  In some cases, it was life.  In others, trust.  And for one lucky 28-year-old sweet Bon Temps man, it was his virginity.

At the Fellowship of the Sun, Sookie realized it was Hugo, Isabel’s companion, who was the traitor, which led Steve Newlin to interrogate Jason.  A classic misunderstanding ensued because Jason thought he was under suspicion for banging the reverend’s wife.

This ended badly for two characters.  Gabe, the Felllowship enforcer, attacked Sookie after Jason humiliated him with a beatdown.  But that was stopped when none other than everyone’s favorite Maker Godric showed up to take out Gabe.

In less certain death news, Jason fled the compound, but was tracked down by Sarah.  He thought their love was real, but once Steve told his wife about his suspicions that Jason was a vampire lover, Sarah took her own revenge and shot Jason.  Sadly, there was no scene of Jason in the preview for the next episode, but I have faith that he’s not dead, because that would be a tragedy for True Blood.

Elsewhere, Maryann’s grasp on the town of Bon Temps is slipping because drunk Andy stumbled into her little orgy, which gave Sam a chance to escape.  While no one else remembers the insane Devil-worshipping orgy, crazy Andy has vowed to get to the bottom of it, and it looks like Sam might help him.

There was one other loose end, Daphne, who is immune to Maryann’s bewitching because, like Sam, she’s a shifter.  She revealed to Sam that Maryann is a maenad, which is essentially an immortal handmaiden of the Devil.  After providing the necessary exposition, Maryann decided that she hates loose ends, so she put Eggs into a trance and had him kill Daphne.  Oddly, I find myself incredibly sad that this means the pig is dead.

The final bit of loss in this episode is a big one for sweet Hoyt.  It turns out he’s a 28-year-old virgin, which is both shocking and not at all surprising.  However, Jessica wants to help him out, so she fangbangs him into manhood.

Overall, this was what I like to call a Set-Up episode, in which all the pieces are put into place for some big stuff to go down.  The truth about Maryann is exposed, and Sam, Andy and even Tara seem to be ready to take her on.  And at the Fellowship, Jason is finally on the right side and with the arrival of Godric, Eric and his vampire friends are ready to storm the church.

Next week’s True Blood episode promises an epic showdown at the Fellowship of the Sun where Eric offers himself up to save Godric, which means Eric will be bound to a table in his black wifebeater, so everybody wins.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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