I’m going to complain again, sort of.  Am I the only one who found last week’s episode of True Blood a little… slow?

Maybe.  The episode before that threw so many punches.  Also, nothing pretty important happened last week, perhaps apart from Daphne revealing that she’s a shifter much like Sam.  In Dallas, it’s still the calm before the storm, which means Sookie hasn’t done anything yet, and we only get to know about Eric’s origins.  In Bon Temps, Tara’s been doing the same things she’s been doing all season–take two steps back.  So maybe, for my preview of tonight’s episode, I shall enumerate the stuff that made me chuckle a bit last week.

Chuckle one: the revelation of Godric, because having an emo-looking teener (with a deep voice?) play a vampire that’s thousands of years old is the ultimate irony.  Thankfully, I didn’t see that other vampire in him, or else I would’ve started this preview with a long was-the-Twilight¬-reference-unintended? rant.  Then again, he does look like Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy, only with Pete Wentz’s hair.  Bad comparison.  Quick thought bubble: if Sookie actually rescues Godric, it’d look like she has two teenage kids now?

Chuckle two: Jessica and Hoyt, because it’s turning out to be a very gloopy story.  Or maybe their scene “together” last week was steeped in all those dating clichés, with all those “I can’t stop thinking about you” lines, which make me feel bad because I never said that to anyone.  Then again, things are happening too fast for the two, and I won’t be surprised if something happens in the end.  No, not a bite.

Chuckle three: that hand job, because–and it’s been pointed out before–this is all Jason’s getting after all that frantic, delirious, bloody loving in the first season.  Seeing his face react to what Sarah did was priceless, though, perhaps because it’s all happening underwater.  I’ll stop.

On tonight’s True Blood, things start to pick up.  Sookie begins her plan to infiltrate the Fellowship and read all their minds, while Bill meets someone from his more violent past.  And, at camp, Jason will face some tough choices, both emotionally and physically.  Please, don’t let it be something like “go toss that Sookie girl out, or else I won’t give you another.”  That, and some loving–shifter, vampire, Eggs–with interrogations on the side, kick off from 9pm on HBO.

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Henrik Batallones

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