True Blood is not afraid of sex. Nearly every episode of its first season has included some depraved act of sex, whether it’s Jason’s S&M with Maudette Pickens in the pilot, his faux sexual assault on Dawn, or when he was high on vampire blood and had sex outside of Merlotte’s while Tara poured trash on him. Between the drugs and deviant sex, Jason could be one of the most morally bankrupt characters in television history.

But in last night’s episode, it was his sister Sookie who took her turn rolling around in the mud, literally. While walking through the cemetery, Bill’s hand reached out of the dirt and grabbed her. He crawled out of his dirt nap, completely naked, and the two immediately began having sex.

If you don’t watch True Blood, you might think having sex with a dirt-covered naked vampire in a cemetery was over the top. However, this act of depravity was just another in a long series of brilliant events that draw the viewer in.

Much like with vampires, the allure of True Blood is that it explores the seedy underbelly of the human subconscious. Vampires are mysterious not just because they’re cloaked in darkness, but because they’ve died. Humans are obsessed with death, coming up with various theories about afterlives and souls, so the idea of vampires walking among us appeals to the darkest recesses of ourselves.

That’s exactly what True Blood does as well. It shines a light on the deepest, darkest, most visceral parts of humanity. Sex is typically behind closed doors, and even if a TV show features sex, it’s with dim candlelight, romantic music and everything is under the sheets.

On True Blood, the sex is dirty, raw and out in the open. Characters have sex in the open air, they run naked through the woods, the indulge in their carnal pleasures. When Sookie slept with Bill, she didn’t worry about him being dead or the fact that he just came out of the ground, it was just her deepest, darkest desires coming to life.

The stories, relationships, characters and mysteries may keep viewers tuned in to True Blood, but on a deeper level, it’s the pure animal nature of the sex and drugs that makes you unable to turn away.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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John Kubicek

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