The “cheftestants” of Top Chef might not always find fortune on the show, but most find at least a little bit of fame. As Tiffany from Season 1 put it, when talking on the holiday special about the impact of the show on her own restaurant, Top Chef puts asses in seats.

So it’s no surprise that the chefs from previous seasons would continue to find success, even if they might not have been the ultimate winner. Even a chef whose time on the show might have been a bit less than unreservedly-positive has been able to continue to find opportunity after Top Chef.

Otto Borsich had a rocky time on Top Chef. During his time on season 2, he appeared to have a momentary lapse in judgment in the haze of competition: he wasn’t charged by a cashier for some ingredients and did not bring this to anyone’s attention until it was too late. He left the competition on his own when it seemed to dawn on him how questionable his actions had been. Since then, it would appear he’s recovered from the misstep, and he has been hired recently as executive chef at Mahi Mahs in Virginia Beach, VA.

Carlos Fernandez, also from season 2, was already a successful chef and restaurant owner of the Hi-Life Café. He’s possibly taking a cue from reality television as well in a new twist in his restaurant. Not Top Chef itself, but maybe American Idol? He’s letting the restaurant patrons vote on dishes to help determine what stays and what goes.

Fan favorite Tre Wilcox is catching another popular wave: natural and organic foods. He’s going to be a featured guest at the Natural Food Expo West, a trade show that “features 300,000 square feet of natural and organic foods and personal care, healthy ethnic, sustainable living and alternative medicine products, with more than 1800 exhibitors showcasing their offerings.” Tre will be doing cooking demonstrations for attendees of that show.

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