The final Lost Mobisode has been released and I’m not entirely sure what to think.  This whole Missing Pieces experiment from the Lost team has been hit and miss, though I’m reticent to complain about any extra Lost content.  Some of the thirteen total episodes have been enlightening, revealed new information, but most have been relatively superfluous, not bringing anything particularly new to the table.  This final Missing Pieces installment, the thirteenth, is a confusing little vignette that is told from Vincent’s point of view.  That’s not what I would have expected from the last Mobisode, but I suppose Lost never delivers exactly what one expects. 

The Mobisode starts from Vincent’s point of view.  It’s right after the crash.  Someone whistles in Vincent’s general direction, then calls Vincent over.  It’s Christian Shepherd, decked out in a suit in the middle of the jungle.  He tells Vincent that he needs him to go find his son.  He tells Vincent that his son is unconscious in the bamboo forest.  He tells Vincent that his son “has work to do.”  Vincent runs away.  From there, we see the opening scene from Lost’s pilot.  We get a close-up of Jack’s right eye as he wakes up, looking up into the swaying trees.  Eventually, Vincent comes running up to him and then runs away. 

That’s it.  Are we supposed to believe that was actually Christian Shepherd?  Or, was that just what Jack was dreaming about while unconscious?  Is Vincent delusional?  Did Vincent find Christian’s body?  What is the work that Jack supposedly has to do?  I like the idea of showing the moments before the pilot began, and I like the idea of doing a Mobisode from Vincent’s perspective, but adding a supposed-to-be-dead Christian to the mix is confusing.  I have a feeling that the Lost writers want us to believe that, considering Vincent’s involvement, Christian is actually there.  The importance of Christian in the overall mythology of the show is well-documented, seeing as he’s been the most common flashback cast member.  In the third season finale “Through the Looking Glass”, Jack acts like his father is still alive on a couple of occasions.  Maybe he really is alive on the island somewhere.  Remember, his body was never found.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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