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I’ll admit that I lost a bit of love for Charlie during season 2 of Lost. Knocking out Sun and acting so nutty that Locke had to punch him in the face made him a little less endearing than he was during the first year of the series. That’s why I was so happy when the sane, caring version of Charlie returned in season three. It was as though the very possibility of his impending death healed his soul.

Though we finally got the adorable Charlie back, it didn’t last long. Our favorite rock star sacrificed his life in the third season finale, knowing that his death would allow his beloved Claire to be rescued from the island. It was a noble sacrifice from a guy who was never much of a hero, and a beautiful end for his character.

Even before his demise, Charlie got a wonderful send off in the episode “Greatest Hits,” which highlighted the five best moments of his life. Number one on the list was “The day I met you,” referring to the first time he met Claire. Anyone who was able to keep their eyes dry during that heartbreaking scene is a much stronger person than I am.


-Don Williams
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