The last episode of One Tree Hill season 7 didn’t just leave fans with a big cliffhanger, somehow it also gave fans a glimmer of hope surrounding the possible return of two former notable characters on this show: Lucas and Peyton!

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The idea of Lucas and Peyton, who were last seen driving off into the sunset with their baby daughter Sawyer Brooke Scott, possibly (or probably) returning to Tree Hill isn’t that far-fetched if you think about it. Season 8 will most likely be tapping on Brooke’s wedding and I can’t really think of a better maid of honor for Brooke than her best friend, Peyton.

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On the other hand, if Lucas didn’t drop by to console his best friend Haley when her mother passed away, he’s probably not going to be around in the next important phase of her life. One Tree Hill has gone through some pretty crazy and tragic storylines in the last season alone, causing me to think that the writers will just probably reference Lucas and Peyton’s absence in next season’s most momentous event, as they’ve been doing occasionally since the super couple left the show for good.

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But who knows? Robert Buckley, who plays Clay on One Tree Hill, hints that creator Mark Schwahn isn’t “ruling anything out.” Adding with a little grin as he tells Eonline, “Knowing the way Mark Schwahn works…that guy is always pulling stuff out of his hat. Anything can happen.”

Should Lucas and Peyton return for season 8? Or is One Tree Hill better off without them? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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