The Vampire Diaries creator Julie Plec may already have a clear ending in her head, but that hasn’t stopped fans from voicing their own hopes and wishes for the show’s closing moments. While the series currently has no end date set in stone, we asked fans how they would like to see The Vampire Diaries wrap up the grand stories of Mystic Falls. Check out the highlights below.

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“Elena should get back with Stefan. Bonnie should get back with Jeremy. Caroline and Tyler should end up together. Matt should be with someone human. Damon can end up alone because he can still be absolutely charming without a woman in his life!” – Priya

“I think Bonnie may die to let Elena come back again to life so that Damon can reunite with her and finish what they started.” – Imene Minette

“Elena wakes up only to realize that everything that’s happened is a dream. There are no vampires, or werewolves, or witches… Everyone is still there: Matt, Caroline, Bonnie, and Tyler. Elena bumps into a human Damon, which then brings Stefan back in. Elena and Damon fall in love all over again and live happily ever after.” – Taleah Bonnick

“It must be: Damon and Elena (I can’t believe I’m saying this though, but I think Stefan deserves much more than Elena!), Caroline and Klaus, Stefan and … Katherine. As much as I hate/love Katherine, she was the only one who loved Stefan for real. And he deserves someone who will love him back. Katherine should get a second chance. I have a feeling it’s her in that room with the lost sister.” – Lia Leah

“It should end with Bonnie and Matt getting married and becoming the new mayor and sheriff of Mystic Falls. Bonnie’s father was the last mayor, so it makes sense.” – Katrina Young

“They should all go to New Orleans join Klaus and his vampire gang.” – Diana Cardenas

“The only ending I can imagine is: Elena getting married to Damon. The rest can do whatever they want!” – Zareen Fowdar

“Stefan falls in love again with Elena. Bonnie and Enzo stay together. Also, Caroline and Klaus should get back together.” – Mandy Smith

 “Bonnie will work out some spell to bring Elena back, then Elena and Damon won’t be in love anymore, so she’ll end up with Stefan. Damon will be with someone new after some time. Then of course Caroline will crossover to The Originals because of Klaus.” – Lois Laynne Adams

 “I would like to see the spell broken because I want Elena and Bonnie to spend some final moments together with Caroline because those three are best friends!” – Sabrina Lynn Dickens

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