Fox has prepared another mind-boggling live results show for us! Tonight on The X Factor, two more contestants will be saying their tearful goodbyes. Tensions are running high as judges LA Reid and Demi Lovato are each left with only one act a piece. Let’s hope that Britney Spears lent Demi a few of her “mind relaxers” after last night’s obnoxious comments!

Before the hour is up, we’ll have two guest performances. Crazed party girl Ke$ha will slip and slide along the X Factor stage as well as last year’s winner, Melanie Amaro. So while observing all the “fluff” before the results, make your own predictions on who you believe will be leaving the competition!

Montage Time!

First, the unplugged performances

CeCe Frey thinks that some people will like her performance and some won’t. Obviously. Emblem3 believe that they are not a downgraded version of anything. Take that, Demi! LA thinks that this is the first time Carly Rose Sonenclar displayed her talent as a recording artist. He also didn’t believe that Fifth Harmony showcase much harmony. Simon wanted to hear Diamond White sing another song rather than one she’s performed before. Britney wants Tate Stevens to stick to his country roots. 

Pepsi Challenge Montage

CeCe doesn’t want anyone to take her leopard print face marks from her. Demi wants to see Emblem3 to command the stage more. Carly Rose has no words, she left them all out on stage. Fifth Harmony stuns LA and gives him serious harmony. They also got a personal tweet from One Direction’s Harry Stiles. I bet Taylor Swift will write a song about that one! Diamond sang about diamonds. Last but not least, Tate reminds Simon of Garth Brooks. 

Guest Performance

The X Factor season 1 winner, Melanie Amaro

“Long Distance”

It’s great to see Melanie back on the X Factor stage. She looks beautiful and her vocals undoubtedly match her appearance. While the song is very uptempo and fun with a club, dance beat, I was really hoping for a ballad or something that displays her range better. The lyrics are very cute and catchy.

Another Montage?

Now we have to watch the contestants show off some brand new headphones that Simon helped to create, the Sony X headphones If you strive to travel into outer space, these headphones might complete your uniform.

One Goes Home

The acts with the lowest number of votes is …

CeCe Frey (Thank you, America!)

“I hope I taught everyone at home to love who you are,” says CeCe. Thanks for that? Perhaps she should become an inspirational speaker or Demi’s personal assistant because the two are joined at the hip. They hold hands, share leopard prints and cry on one another’s shoulders. Commercial break, anyone?

By the way, Demi now has no acts in her Young Adult category. This makes her ONLY a judge and not a mentor.

Who’s Safe?




Carly Rose Sonenclar

Over 25s

Tate Stevens

So this leaves Diamond White and Fifth Harmony in the bottom two. Both will have to sing for survival. Hopefully, Diamond won’t sing “It’s A Man’s World,” again. 

Guest Performance


“Come On”

Ke$ha is one of those artists where you buy the album, turn the volume up on high, dance and prance around like a fool and have fun. Paying a fortune to see her live during this economy? Not so sure. Also, this is prime time Fox. Let’s leave the gyrating and such for a possible HBO special. Nice of her to invite tigers on stage with her to dance choreography, though.

Save Me Performances

Fifth Harmony

“Anytime You Need a Friend” by Mariah Carey

Harmony is here to stay! LA cannot deny these girls their harmonies tonight. Taking on a Mariah Carey song has its expectations to note be as good as the original, but they were pretty close.

Diamond White

“I Hope You Dance” by LeeAnn Womack

It starts off shaky and weak, but the chorus picks up. It’s as if her confidence really kicks in. Britney’s tearful. It was good, but good enough to stay? 

Judges’ votes to go home:

Simon – Diamond

Britney – Fifth Harmony

(So obvious.)

LA – Diamond

Demi – (It’s all up to this one.) Diamond

Eliminated: Diamond White

“I’m just happy; I’m thinking of Cher Lloyd right now. She came in 5th place and she came and performed on the stage,” says Diamond. This girl has faith that her name will be in lights and it’s believable. We’ll see her again, definitely.

Top 4 Voter Rankings

4. Fifth Harmony

3. Emblem3

2. Carly Rose Sonenclar

1. Tate Stevens

Flip-flop back and forth between spots 1 and 2 for Tate and Carly Rose. I’m actually surprised because Tate has had better nights, but he’s good. No doubt about it.

That’s it, folks. We finally have our Top 4 of The X Factor, moving into the semi-finals. Tune back in next Wednesday when Tate Stevens, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Fifth Harmony and Emblem 3 perform live for a spot in the finals!

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Jilliane Johnson

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