Let’s hope that Simon, Britney, Demi and LA tidied up a bit before inviting The X Factor contestants over. That’s right! We have reached the judges’ homes! But before we split up across the states, there are still some boot camp cuts to make.

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Judging by the performances seen last week, the judges should be able to make some pretty easy selections. Yet we still have 2 full hours of fluff to sit through. Sure, I like the drama and miscellaneous packages as much as the next person, or do I, but this is a simple task. Perhaps there’s a quota of v-neck shirts that Simon has to squeeze in per week? Whatever the reason may be, we’re in for some interesting choices, for sure.

We’re reminded of all the amazing auditions seen at the start of this season’s competition. Beautiful voices heard and opportunities given as 120 acts were sent to boot camp. Yet this is where many of those promising artists fell victim to nerves. 60 were turned away, told to go back home. Tonight, the 60 acts left over will become the final 24 and invited to the judges’ homes.

Rise and shine, early birds! It’s now or never in Miami Beach, FL. “This is the hard part,” comments Simon as he, Britney, Demi and LA sift through those 60 acts, slicing and dicing those that don’t make the cut from the competition. Will your favorite make it? I’m guessing that many of us will be let down.

“We’ve got to tell some people some good news and we’ve got to tell some people some really bad news,” says Simon. Thanks because I wasn’t quite sure how this reality talent show thing worked.

For the remainder of the season, the 24 acts will be placed into the following categories:

Meet the lucky Young Adults:
CeCe Frey
Willie Jones
Jennel Garcia
Nick Youngerman
Paige Thomas
Jillian Jensen

This means that Sophie Simmons may need to ask her dad Gene for a little help breaking into the business. Ally Brooke and Owen Stuart have been turned out, also. I actually think they made the right decisions here, besides Cece Frey.

Over 25:
Jason Brock
Daryl Black
David Correy
Tara Simon
Tate Stevens
Vino Alan

Jeffrey Gutt and Freddie Combs leave the show.

Sister C
Dope Crisis

It was pretty obvious that all of those mentioned so far this season would make it through.

Beatrice Miller
James Tanner
Carly Rose Sonenblcar
Diamond White
Reed Deming
Arin Ray

Who is James Tanner, anyways? I’m pretty shocked that some of these acts haven’t been sent through. I may not have been the only one, though. A number of acts are asked back onto the stage.

Playback: Owen Stuart, Johnny Maxwell, Branden Hassan, Josh Metzler and Austin Corini

Lyric Da Queen and ONE4FIVE

Lylas: Camila Cabello, Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane Hansen, Lauren Jauregui and Normani Hamilton

You guessed it! Just like last season, the judges couldn’t bare to part with some of these voices, and more importantly their looks. So they’ve involuntarily matched them together in order to create three separate groups.

The producers will now announce which judge will mentor what group. So then, who gets whom?

Britney Spears – TEENS

Simon Cowell – GROUPS

Demi Lovato – YOUNG ADULTS

LA Reid – OVER 25s

LA is the only judge truly upset over their placement. He’s really unhappy and slams the phone down. “Everything else, I would’ve been happy with,” he says as he walks away from cameras. What image does this give to those who he’ll be mentoring? Thanks a lot, LA!

Miami Beach, FL – Groups

Marc Anthony emerges from Simon’s luxurious modern home, helping to shape the groups. I don’t recall him making any success while in a group, but what do I know?

Los Angeles, CA – Young Adults

“We were hoping and praying it was you,” Jillian Jensen says while hugging friend Jennel Garcia. Beaming, Demi expresses her gratitude and welcomes her friend Nick Jonas as her co-mentor while at her home.

Malibu, CA – Teens

Honestly, it makes a lot of sense that Britney coaches the young ones. She’s been around for years upon years since literally being able to fit in their Velcro shoes. Joining her to help the kids is Will.I.Am.

Beverly Hills – Over 25s

The first thing that LA admits to his newly acquired team is “I was disappointed.” Anyways, let’s get to better news. Justin Bieber and his manager will be helping out the older crew. Nothing about this match-up makes sense. Sorry, but this group still has no hope at winning, especially when their mentor has absolutely no faith in them. He only wants to win for the sake of winning.

Now that we know who is where. Of each category, only six will make it through to the live shows. Some of these acts have a lot of work to do.

Demi’s Home
Jennel Garcia, “I Kissed A Girl” by Katy Perry

The jazzy flare of her voice really adds an interesting element to this song. As for her performance, it’s sexy but not TOO sexy. She eased off of it as Demi suggested.

“I feel like her light was a little dimmed after I talked to her,” says Demi. Nick seems to be pretty sold, but that’s to be expected.

Willie Jones, “Nobody Knows” by Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds

No, you’re not having deja-vu. Willie is hoping to redeem himself from forgetting the lyrics during boot camp. This time around, he definitely has the lyrics memorized. The soulful, country twang he possesses is so refreshing for a song such as this.

“He’s a star, there’s no doubt,” Nick says. Yet there’s one little problem. Willie will need to define himself; is he R&B or is he country? I have a question to answer that question. Why can’t he be both?

Jillian Jensen, “Gravity” by Sara Barailles

When Jillian has the opportunity to choose her own song, she picks perfectly. She knows her own voice and I think that’s very important in someone who claims to have the x factor. The performance is awesome.

“There’s something sexy about her,” says Nick. Good to know where he stands on all of these performances. On the other hand, Demi worries about Jillian’s facial expressions and genuineness.

Nick Youngerman, “Tic Toc” by Kesha

For a college party, sure. For The X Factor? Maybe not so much. The best part, though, are the switched lyrics, “I kicked her to the curb. She looked like Mick Jagger.” Funny, he just doesn’t look very genuine.

“I couldn’t tell if I was loving it or super annoyed by it,” says Demi. It’s like we’re on the same wavelength!

Paige Thomas, “Turn Up The Music” by Chris Brown

Okay, so this is what it would look like if you meshed Chris Brown and Rihanna. I like it. Both Demi and Nick are stunned, simply watching her. Since I can’t tell if this is a good or a bad stare, I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s a good one. At least I want it to be a good one.

Demi wonders if Paige has lost her confidence on stage, seeing her dwindle from that first audition. “The question is, do you think you can get her back to that girl that you first saw?” Nick asks Demi. I liked the performance, I just didn’t care for the Vegas showgirl outfit she had on.

Before performing for Demi and Nick, one leopard printed artist is suggested to show her vulnerability because well her confidence on stage can come across as “unlikable.”

Cece Frey, “I’m Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO

I’ll admit that I had no idea how this was going to work. Now that Cece’s slowed the melody down and jazzed it up a bit, I think I like it a little. She showed off her voice and played to her audience. The overconfidence thing was tossed out the window too.

“If she had come in here overly confident, it wouldn’t have worked,” says Nick. Demi definitely has a tough decision in front of her.

Simon’s Home
Playback, “Rich Girl”
by Hall & Oates

Marc Anthony sits through the entire performance like a rock, with no expression. I believe the best part of Playback is Owen, the guy trying to get back to his girlfriend. Other than that, it was extremely cheesy and forgettable.

“I found myself just looking for planes or something,” Marc says. Simon disagrees somehow.

EMBLEM3, “Every Little Thing She Does” by The Police

I like these guys. They have nice harmonies and the raps are unique to their surfer boy sound. They come in late on the second verse and Simon definitely notices. A recovery is made, but is it enough to impress and make it to the next round?

Marc and Simon agree that the youngest brother lacks confidence, but the group is very likable. That slip up could have been the end, though.

Sister C, “I’m Leaving”

They have very good voices, yet their performances leave everything to be desired. It leaves a very “blah” taste in your mouth, so to speak. They need spice.

“They have all the tools,” says Simon. Maybe the tools to bore me out of my mind. I hardly even recognized the song.

Lyric and ONE4FIVE, “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus

This song needed a little hip-hop in its life. The marriage between Lyric Da Queen and ONE4FIVE was genius. The energy level that these three bring to the table is amazing and they’re all great performers.

“She is a superstar,” says Marc. Simon says it was sloppy in parts, but who cares? That was clever and fun. Loved it!

Dope Crisis, “Boom Boom Bass” by Nicki Minaj

“I think they gave absolutely everything they had to give there,” Simon says.

LYLAS, “Impossible” by Shontelle

The talent in this group is mindboggling. These girls really have something in their harmonies and abilities to listen to one another and work so effortlessly after being individually sent home and brought back in as a group.

Both Marc and Simon are speechless as am I. “It’s gone somewhere else,” says Simon, admitting that he hasn’t expected such a incredible sound.

As you might have guessed, no one will be finding out who we can look forward to during the live shows. They’re going to keep us waiting until the last moment possible. We’ve seen some extremely promising acts tonight, though. Some surprises that through us for loops and some expected performances that hopefully will only get better through the competition. Without a doubt my most memorable of the two groups seen tonight were Jillian Jensen of the Young Adults and LYLAS of the Groups. Who are you looking forward to seeing in the live shows?

Tomorrow on The X Factor, the Over 25s hope to impress LA Reid and Justin Bieber and the Teens sing their little hearts out for Britney Spears and Will.I.Am. Please join me right back here same time, same place!

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