Miss the series premiere last night? Do not fret, reality show junkies! There’s another two hours of X Factor fun to discuss! Auditions take the show to Miami and Dallas.

It’s the second night of the premiere event for The X Factor. That means two more hours of wondering… “Do I like American Idol better? Or is this basically the same thing?” It sort of is, but who cares? It’s all American entertainment right? Just pretend host Steve Jones’ accent is more of the Chicago style.

And now for a few of the acts worth remembering…

A Vanilla Ice lookalike finally proves that it was worth stopping in Miami. Taking on Elvis’ “Trouble” tune, he channels some Mick Jagger/Michael Jackson moves. Toss all that into one big pot with good looks and emotions and you’ve got Nick Voss. His uniquely entertaining performance takes him to the next round. Plus, as a side note, his sister looks A LOT like Scream actress Neve Campbell.

Brendon O’Hara definitely makes a lasting impression on Nicole. Tall, dark and handsome earns his ticket through with two blushes and two nods. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got some numbers on the way, too. He’s single ladies!

melanie-xfactor.jpgMelanie Amaro brought her entire family for spiritual support. Not sure if the support is necessary, though. This 18 year old has some serious pipes. Singing Beyonce’s “Listen,” Melanie brings most of the arena to their feet before the chorus. I think L.A. approves. He begins using some sort of meditation gestures and swaying to the music. Nicole keeps it simple with traditional tears. She gets four yeses!

Representing Dallas is Dylan Lawson who, I swear, started off promising. He told a very country-like story about how he sold his car to make it from Kentucky to Texas in order to make it for the auditions. He would use the prize money to buy a new truck. It was comical. Oh, but when he opened his mouth to “sing.” Dylan… oh Dylan… all I could make of the lyrics was the line “watch your bladder.” Let that be a hint of what the entire performance was like.

A bedazzled Dexter Haygood struts his stuff onto the stage, complete with platform heels. Thank God he takes on James Brown’s “Sex Machine” because anything else would just be weird. Simon described it best as a “tribute act” but he seems like a fun guy. Enter awkward flashback package. Dexter’s heartfelt story is wedged in between two Brown songs. This time it’s “A Man’s World.” Drama (and audience participation) works in his favor because Dexter has made the cut.

xander-xfactor.jpgThey left the best for last! Xander Alexander is something that this world may not be ready for. His musical influences are basically anyone in the business who has had a personal breakdown, but he would like to take inspiration from their careers pre-breakdown. Got it? Good. Now please (for your own good) get his name right; it’s Xander, not Alexander. He and Simon go back and forth with this during the entire audition. Xander earns quite a bit of airtime, yet manages to make the crowd hate him with his unnecessary attitude. Sorry, dude, your time is up!

I was beginning to think that the X Factor producers were showcasing their pleasant finds more so than the crazy ones. After seeing this episode, things look more and more like American Idol. Let’s go X Factor! Wow me already!

Check in next Wednesday for more auditions on the lookout for the next big superstar!

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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Jilliane Johnson

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