The latest episode of The Whispers offers up a parent’s worst nightmare. Your child is accused of something so horrible, there’s no coming back from it. Wes faces this reality in this episode, “Traveller in the Dark,” as his daughter is accused of being Drill and he reacts as any dad would — embark on a mission to save his child at any cost. His efforts are mostly in vain as every sign and every kid finger points to the unsympathetic Minx with an equally unsympathetic President ready to make those hard choices he failed to make in the past.

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Minx is Drill (Well, Maybe)

This episode opens with a flashback of baby Minx waking from a nightmare and daddy Wes being super cute comforting his little girl. He shows her the stars outside her window and teaches her “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” with both reciting the poem version.

We then flash to the present, with Minx still accused of being possessed by Drill. Wes is in protective daddy mode, saying, “Not my daughter!” He’s not allowed in to see the detained Minx, but he gets Claire to question her.

Minx is alone in a cell, her hands are rubber-gloved in shackles and we almost feel sorry for her. Almost. Until she shows that she’s the same old smarty pants Minx, turning the tables on Claire, saying there’s nothing she can do to prove she’s not Drill: “Shouldn’t you have to prove I am?” If not possessed by Drill, Minx sure makes it seem like she’s possessed by something.

She adds, “You want me to be Drill because then you get everything. Don’t you?”

Claire counters with, “All I want is to find Drill.”

“You really think it’s gonna be that easy?” Minx asks. Yep, same old sassy Minx. Drill can’t be in this little girl, though. Too obvious, right? 

Drill is Exposed

The Dr. Benavidez connection with the shady reporter is revealed. Sean is questioning the man who says he was working with the doctor to uncover the true identity of Drill. The reporter’s big theory? Drill is some secret government nuclear testing program. Something went down at Harbor Point Plant, causing the children to get infected with something, and he wants to run with the story. Sean says he’ll give reporter man the biggest scoop of his life (the real alien story) if he helps him out first.

Sean’s big idea? Threaten the government with a headline they don’t want or release the kids. 

All Tiny Fingers Point at Minx

Claire is determined to find out if Minx is really Drill. She questions her cute son about what happened to Cassandra, the President’s daughter. He insists it was Minx who burned the little girl. 

Next up, she questions Silas, who confirms that it was Minx. We even see a flashback where we watch the creepy little girl hovering over dead Dr. Benavidez.

It all reads a little too easy. All that Minx finger pointing smells of some major Drill orchestrations, right?

Claire thinks it’s Minx, not giving the girl an out. Wes is devastated, begging his former lover for a little help. Nope, she’s Team Sean now, remember? 

The Test

Wes has his own daughter doubts. He comforts Minx in her cell, reminiscing about their reciting of “Twinkle Twinkle.” He’s testing her. “I can’t think of the words right now. My brain’s fuzzy,” she insists.

Wes leaves looking crestfallen. “It’s okay, sweetheart. You don’t have to say the words,” he says as he exits.We can tell he thinks he’s talking to Drill.

That’s not lost on Minx as well. “You’re my dad! You’re supposed to believe me,” she spits out as he departs.

Time is Running Out for Minx

Of course, Minx and Henry have adjoining cells, able to communicate with each other. Minx begs Henry for his help. She swears she’s not Drill, but the little redhead just covers his ears.

Secretary Frommer tells the President that Minx is the child possessed. This time, they are ready to end Drill, even if he comes in the form of an 8-year-old little girl. Wes tries to help his daughter, but she’s already gone, hauled off to her final destination. He begs anyone and everyone for help but is thrown out of the compound with Claire at his side.

While Wes and Claire aren’t having any success, we see that Sean’s plan has worked; the President releases the children. “It will all be over soon.”

It will be over soon for Minx. She is strapped to a hospital bed, and we almost feel sorry for her again. Wes had better get there soon.

Drill is Revealed!

The true identity of Drill comes so quick that if you blinked you may have missed it. As the kids are being shuffled out of the compound, Sean learns that the President’s daughter Cassandra’s Secret Service code name is O’Ryan! And just like that, we discover she’s Drill! Minx has been framed.

Wes heads off to save his daughter, while Claire tries to stop Cassandra.

Minx is being wheeled off to her death as she recites that “Twinkle Twinkle” poem she couldn’t remember earlier. Yep, confirmation that she’s not Drill.

We also see Cassandra walking with her parents toward a live feed press conference. Claire realizes “that’s how he’s gonna do it.” She rushes past Secret Service agents to get to the president.

Wes breaks through barricades, rushing past a barrage of gunfire, to reach his daughter. He’s running. Claire is running. Both are trying to stop the unthinkable.

Claire is tackled before reaching the President. Wes is stopped by a locked door. 

Cassandra lets out a blood curdling scream, sending some freaky signal across the airwaves. The little girl stoically faces the camera, silent, as her mom asks, “My angel, what happened?”

Wes is let in as Frommer realizes his mistake. Daddy rushes to his daughter, unstrapping her, giving us the tearful reunion we were hoping for. He holds the sobbing Minx, taking her outside to look at the stars.

There’s another flashback to baby Minx, to a time when daughter and father were a whole lot less irritating. “If you ever are scared, if you ever need me, I promise, I’ll always be here.” Way to be a dad and follow through, Wes. He even had two seconds to spare!

The season finale is up next! What? It seems like we just started hearing sweet nothings, those evil little whispers, and now it’s time to wrap it all up. But how? The Whispers is promising an epic battle to fight off Drill and save humanity. Here’s hoping they deliver.

The Whispers airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC.

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