The West Wing is one of the greatest TV shows of all-time. And now a large portion of the cast has reunited for a special voting PSA/political ad.

It’s all about non-partisan voting in Michigan, primarily in support of Supreme Court nominee Bridget Mary McCormack (the real-life sister of West Wing star Mary McCormack).

The video is a perfect reminder of all the great things from The West Wing.

It opens with Joshua Malina’s Will Bailey bouncing a ball against a wall, as he does, when Mary McCormack’s Kate Harper arrives to discuss a crisis.

A walk and talk brings back Janel Moloney’s Donna Moss before we go into a room to see Allison’s Janney’s C.J. Cregg talking to Bradley Whitford’s Josh Lyman and Richard Schiff’s Toby Ziegler.

Throughout the entire video, there are plenty of classic Sorkinisms, including C.J. calling Josh “Boo Boo.”

We even get more minor characters, like Melissa Fitzgerald’s Carol, C.J.’s former assistant.

Finally we end up on Martin Sheen’s President Jed Bartlet, speaking in eloquent prose while quoting famous people and flipping on his jacket while talking to his secretary, Lily Tomlin’s Debbie Fiderer.

The whole thing is enough to give me chills. It looks and feels just like the original and it’s nice to see that, more than six years after the show ended, the actors can slip right back into their roles.

Sure, it’s shamelessly using beloved TV characters to campaign for one of their sisters, but who cares. Ignoring the politics, the opportunity to witness a West Wing reunion, even for just four minutes, is worth it.

“What’s next?” Hopefully more West Wing reunion videos.

(Image and video courtesy of Bridget McCormack)

John Kubicek

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