The Knockout round is complete, and we have our final teams set in stone for the Live Shows to begin. Each coach has chosen and stolen, so they’re ready to focus on their top contestants to prep them for the decisions that will be made by us, the viewers. We’ve seen some stellar performances so far in season 12, but five singers really stand out and have set themselves up to blow us all away in this competition. Here’s who to watch going into the Live Shows.

Mark Isaiah – Team Adam

We didn’t get to see much of Mark Isaiah in the Knockout Round, but from what we did gather, he chose to take ownership over his Justin Bieber comparisons by singing “Love Yourself.” Since the Blinds, Mark has stuck to what he excels at: modern pop music. Mark’s silky voice and dashing good looks are likely to take him far in this competition, and I definitely think he’s Adam’s golden boy. The only disadvantage I can see for Mark moving forward is a lack of individuality. If he breaks away from the Bieber mold and creates his own sound, this teen heartthrob could be unstoppable in the Live Shows.

TSoul – Team Blake

No other singer on The Voice has a vibe like TSoul, and no other pairing of coach and contestant is as unique as TSoul and Blake Shelton. TSoul is the embodiment of an artist who has decided to go all in to follow his dream, and his work ethic is unparalleled. His hipster style and soulful song choses combined with the experienced perspective Blake can provide in his mentorship make for a duo that could potentially be unstoppable. Plus, he slayed an Otis Redding song. This dude can do anything, and his song choices bring classic sounds to a new audience.

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JChosen – Team Gwen

Any artist who has the gumption and guts to perform Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” at his Blind Audition is one to watch. Since those auditions, JChosen’s mother has fallen ill, and he used that sense of desperation to belt out a pain-fueled version of Usher’s top 40 smash hit “Without You.” He chose his moments and carefully showcased his range without relying too much on those key runs and power notes. I think JChosen has yet to fully unleash his talent on us, and with the right combination of Gwen’s coaching and his own ability to leave it all on the stage, the only thing that would be standing in the way of this contestant and a record deal would be his own personal walls.

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Stephanie Rice – Team Alicia (Steal)

Stephanie started out the competition on Team Gwen, but I think she found the home she was meant to be in with Team Alicia after she used her one and only steal on her in the Knockout Round. As was apparent in Troy’s rehearsals for “Chandelier,” Gwen isn’t the biggest fan of complete rearrangements of music, and Alicia is the perfect coach to harness Stephanie’s unique approach and soulful voice. Stephanie’s personal journey can’t be discounted when it comes to her success on the show. The infusion of emotion into Stephanie’s interpretations of her music makes for a unique, haunting listening experience. The blend of country, rock and soul also appeals to a wide fan base and makes for unlimited song choices for the competition moving forward. 

Vanessa Ferguson – Team Alicia

I still don’t think we’ve even witnessed the full potential of this experienced singer with a rich, husky voice that reminds me of that really strong moonshine that tastes so sweet and burns in a good way as you spend some time with it. Her steady, Lauryn Hill-like vocals came in handy when she was able to channel those similarities during the Fugees remake of “Killing Me Softly” in the Battle Round. During the Knockouts, Vanessa blew the roof off the place with the emotion she poured into her vocals for Gladys Knight’s “If I Were Your Woman.” Gladys Knight is a legend, and you didn’t hear one coach criticizing that insurmountable song choice. Not to mention, this girl has absolutely killer style. I’d vote for her because of those hats alone.

Who are your favorite artists going in to the Live Shows? Which coach do you think has the winning team? Let us know in the comments!

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