Welcome to the season 6 finale of The Voice! It has been a season of highs and lows for the contestants, but the final three remaining have been dominating the competition, and iTunes charts, from the start. Will it be the country singer Jake Worthington? Will it be the pop singer and YouTube sensation Christina Grimmie? Or will it be the soulful singer and family man Josh Kaufman? 

Lest we forget, the winner receives a recording contract with Universal Music Group, $100,000 and the title of the season 6 winner.

The contestants couldn’t be more different from each other in style, ability and performance level. There are lots of factors to consider when predicting. While Jack Worthington has an active fan base and Josh Kaufman has a lot of sales on iTunes, my money is on Christina Grimmie as she seems most ready (and maybe most lucrative potential for The Voice). As ever, we won’t find out the winner until the end of the show, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t packed the episode full of plugs, promotions and performances. Coldplay, OneRepublic, Tim McGraw and Ed Sheeran are all scheduled to perform. Where are the ladies? Last season, we had Lady Gaga and Celine Dion! 

No strangers to the show, Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay, was a guest mentor for all the contestants this season and both Ed Sheeran and Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic were mentors in season 5. Tim McGraw will reveal a song off of his upcoming album.

Welcome to The Voice live blog for the season 6 finale!

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Well, right off the bat we have Adam in a terrible shirt, Blake is drinking and Carson makes an announcement that due to a mistake in entering Josh Kaufman’s song “Set Fire to the Rain” on iTunes, all iTunes votes have been eliminated from the final tally to be fair. He says that this did not affect the outcome of the winner. That’s a lot to take in! Seems fair, I guess.  

OneRepublic (“Love Runs Out”)

This is their new single. I prefer their songs that have more of a melodious quality, but it’s got a good beat and the tambourine dancers are fun.

Adam just announced that whether or not she wins, Christina Grimmie will have a record deal because he would like to sign her to his label! Has he ever done that before? That’s certainly putting your money where your mouth is.

The coaches all share a group hug because they are going to miss Shakira and Usher. Aw. 

Jake, Kat, Kristen, Audra, Ryan and Morgan (“Summertime” by Kenny Chesney)

The country singers and the rockers come together for a country tune for the impending summer time. To hear Jake sing among these other vocalists from the season, I can’t help but wish some of them had made it this far instead. Oh, well. He’s a sweetie regardless. 

Christina Grimmie and Ed Sheeran (“All of the Stars” by Ed Sheeran)

I am so excited to hear this song since it is a part of the soundtrack for the upcoming movie The Fault in Our Stars, based on the (amazing, beautifully written and unbelievably emotional) book of the same title. 

It is sweet, simple and totally beautiful. Their voices sound great together. I’m not tearing up, you are. Shut up.

Delvin, Jake, Morgan, Patrick, and Stevie Jo (“She’s Gone” by Hall & Oates)

Carson called these guys the “soulful singers” from the season. Um, what about Josh who has yet to perform? 

I do love this song. Delvin and Stevie Jo seem to be the only ones having any fun out there. C’mon guys, it’s the finale, lighten up! The excessive trills from all of them are, well, excessive. 

Oh geez, this compilation on the “lifestyles of Usher” is bizarre and hilarious. 

Justin Moore (“Lettin’ the Night Roll”)

I’m not familiar with this fella, but he is apparently the new country artist of the year. I’m not a big country music listener, but it seems to be good.

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Josh, T.J., Stevie Jo and Sisaundra (“Am I Wrong” by Nico and Vinz)

Josh explains that this is a song that is just coming up on the charts. These are some powerful singers so this should be good. 

I can already tell this song is going to be a hit after tonight. It’s really catchy and fun. They all sound great. It’s also hilarious to me that Josh looks so much like a dad when he performs with other people. He’s just so happy and supportive of the other singers on stage. Cute. 

Okay, those dancers came out of nowhere. I’m giving a strong side eye to the television now.

Ed Sheeran (“Sing”)

In this second performance, he performs this song from his new album that comes out this summer. Huh, I didn’t know I was an Ed Sheeran fan, but after tonight I guess I am!

Jake Worthington and Alabama (“Mountain Music” by Alabama)

Well Blake is having a grand ol’ time watching this, which is just as entertaining to watch as the performance.

Dani, Deja, Madilyn, Melissa and Tess (“Umbrella” by Rihanna)

Carson calls this one the “powerful female vocalists” performance. Like the one with the “soul singers,” this performance seems like a filler so every contestant gets to perform again. I get that they made the Top 20, but it feels a bit like “everyone gets a trophy” mentality.

Anyway, the song is fun but it’s very karaoke. 

Josh Kaufman and Robin Thicke (“Get Her Back” by Robin Thicke)

Well, their voices sound really good together, but they look so bizarre standing next to one another. Robin looks like he’s had a rough couple of months by sporting his yard work outfit and a buzzcut. It’s a mellow tune, but it’s kind of groovy. I’m not jumping to iTunes.

Tim McGraw (“City Lights”)

Dude, Time McGraw is ripped. This is a song off his new album (which everyone who performs tonight has coming out soon). I really like it, actually. First Ed Sheeran, now Tim McGraw. I seem to be drinking The Voice Kool-Aid tonight.

Christina, Bria, Tess and Jake (“Team” by Lorde)

Christina is bringing back her best friends from the show for this performance. I’m not sure this song translates well to a group or to their voices. Where were those dance moves all season, Jake? 

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Coldplay (“A Sky Full of Stars”)

Chris Martin is singing with a hologram of himself and his band? Oh, okay, they are all performing with holograms of themselves playing different instruments. He clearly didn’t want to be saddled to the piano given how much jumping around he is doing.

And the Winner Is…

Okay, here we go!

The artist in third place is Christina Grimmie. Whoa! Total shock! At least she is signed by Adam, so there you go.

The winner of The Voice season 6 is Josh Kaufman! 

Yay! Oh, I’m so glad and pleasantly surprised. He really is so talented and totally deserves it. And now another coach other than Adam or Blake has won! Congratulations to Usher.

Well, there you have it. Thank you for following along with us all season! And fear not, season 7 is just around the corner.

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