The show is called The Voice, so anyone auditioning for Blake, Christina, Cee Lo and Adam better have a great one.

But this is still a TV show, so having a compelling backstory definitely doesn’t hurt.

Luckily for Jesse Campbell — a single dad who wants to fulfill his singing dream to provide for his daughter — he has both. But without the ability to share his story or his face with the judges in the blind auditions, will Jesse be able to sway them with just his song?

Check out Jesse’s full audition in this extended sneak peek of The Voice season 2 premiere. He’s the first contestant we’ve been able to meet before the February 5 premiere, and boy, did they pick a good one to start with.

Who will Jesse choose as his mentor? And, even more important, how happy are you to have the silly, sexually-charged banter of the Voice coaches back in our lives? I didn’t realize quite how much I’d missed him until Cee Lo said, “Everyone’s the same color in the dark.” He doesn’t have a single team member yet, and he’s already winning.

Want more sneak peeks at the premiere? Join host Carson Daly in this “backstage tour,” which includes more clips of potential contestants this season:

In case you hadn’t heard, The Voice season 2 premieres after the Super Bowl on February 5. Carson’s excited. Are you?

(Image courtesy of NBC)