We’re up to the results show for the Top 8 artists on The Voice! The Top 10 gave some incredible performances this week, and now we’ll have to say goodbye to another two artists. Of course, you’ll have the ability to vote in the instant save at the end the episode. While there were some amazing performances, I think Rob Taylor, Deanna Johnson and Joshua Davis will wind up in the bottom three.

We’ll also get to see a performance from Reba McEntire, which I’m so excited about. She did an amazing job as an adviser on The Voice. She’s so talented and is such a huge presence, but also seems like she’s really approachable.

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Team Pharrell Performs “I Don’t Want to Be”

Pharrell and his team — Koryn and Sawyer — perform Gavin DeGraw’s “I don’t Want to Be.” I used to be so obsessed with this song. They seem really confident on the stage, but Koryn especially does a great job. Carson also talks about the graphics they were showing in the background.

The First Results

Now we’re up to the first results. And, of course, Koryn Hawthorne is called first. That’s no surprise. Next up is Corey Kent White! That’s pretty surprising, but it makes sense that the one remaining country artist would stick around.

Results: Koryn Hawthorne and Corey Kent White are safe


The coaches announce who’s coming to help their teams next week. The old coaches are coming back! Usher’s coming to help Adam’s team. Gwen Stefani will be helping Team Pharrell. She embodies “liberation and individuality as a female,” Pharrell says. Blake, meanwhile, pipes in that she’s also hot. Gwen will also be working with Christina. Christina had advised Gwen’s team last season on The Voice. Plus, Cee Lo Green will be helping out with Blake’s Team. This is going to be awesome. It’s one big family reunion. Unfortunately, Shakira couldn’t come, but they send their best.

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The Next Two Artists Who are Safe

And we’re up to the next two artists who are safe. America saved Sawyer Fredericks, which means both members of Pharrell’s team will be moving on. Next, America saved India Carney. I’m a big India fan and she has the best reaction.

Results: Sawyer Fredericks and India Carney are safe

Reba McEntire Performs “Going Out Like That”

I love Reba! I’m not the biggest country fan in the world, but Reba is just so cool. She commands the stage when she performs “Going Out Like That.” Blake’s even singing along from his chair and bows down at the end of her performance. Reba says she had a blast on The Voice.

The Next Two Artists Who are Safe

And we’re up to the next round of artists who are safe. Meghan Linsey and Kimberly Nichole are safe, which is not surprising at all.

Results: Meghan Linsey and Kimberly Nichole are safe

Team Adam Performs “The Joker”

Adam performs “The Joker” with Deanna and Joshua. They picked some great songs. Josh does a great job and I’m a big Josh fan, but Deanna does seem a lot more confident on stage than she used to.

The Last Artist Safe

Now we’re up to the last artist to be saved. America saved Hannah Kirby, which means Rob, Josh and Deanna are in the bottom three and have to perform for the instant save. All of Blake’s artists are safe, and I’m so happy Hannah’s safe. I’m a huge Hannah fan.

Result: Hannah Kirby is safe

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Coach Check-In

Christina speaks out on behalf of Rob. He’s a really important part of The Voice because he gave up his dream to take care of his mom and he always shows a new side to himself. Adam, meanwhile, has to speak on behalf of Deanna and Josh. He says we haven’t seen the best from his team yet. Maybe we will tonight.

Rob Taylor Performs “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay”

Rob sings “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” for his chance at the instant save. It’s a great song choice for Rob and he really seems to enjoy himself. Rob has a huge heart, and Christina argues that he deserves to be here because of it.

Deanna Johnson Performs “Help Me Make It Through the Night”

For her chance at the instant save, Deanna Johnson performs “Help Me Make It Through the Night.” It’s pretty and subdued. Deanna has such a unique voice and style and has really come far with overcoming her nerves. Carson says her song is almost a literal plea.

Joshua Davis Performs “I Won’t Back Down”

Joshua Davis performs “I Won’t Back Down” for his chance at the instant save, which is a great choice. I’m a big Joshua fan, and I think it’s a solid performance. Adam says Joshua is such a hard worker and is incredibly talented, but they’re all amazing.

Instant Save

It’s time for the instant save. I’m hoping Joshua is saved. 

Christina and Adam make one last comment for their artists. Christina has gotten to know Rob. He’s fought against the criticism on The Voice and is so strong. Rob actually starts crying, which is so emotional.

Adam, meanwhile, talks about how tough the competition is. Deanna gave her best performance, while Joshua showed off his upper register and proved he has what it takes.

Finally, it’s time to announce the instant save. And the instant save goes to Joshua Davis!

Result: Joshua Davis is safe


The Top 8 are Koryn Hawthorne, Corey Kent White, Sawyer Fredericks, India Carney, Meghan Linsey, Kimberly Nichole, Hannah Kirby and Joshua Davis.

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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