With the energy summit right around the corner, The Messengers, all divide and conquer to figure out exactly who the first horseman of war is in time to stop the devastating ripple effects of the horseman’s plans. In their fourth episode of the season, “Drums of War” really helped to progress the narrative of the show and bring the action of the plot to the forefront.

A Bunch of Strangers in Walter White’s House

The gang is all together and have now relocated from the motel at the Last Supper Bar and Grill to the foreclosed house that Raul’s niece, Nadia, has been occupying. With Peter now in police custody, The Messengers devise a plan to divide and conquer with Joshua, Erin, Raul, and Vera all headed to Austin to the energy summit, while Rose attempts to free Peter from the police. 

At the house, Vera experiments with her gift and cuts her finger to see if Erin is able to heal her. After neither attempt is successful Erin wonders aloud why they can’t use their gifts all of the time. 

Meanwhile, when Rose asks Joshua if there was anything else in his vision that would give them more clarity, he chooses to leave out the fact that he keeps seeing a woman crying and covered in blood. His obvious concealment leads Vera to suggest that Josh’s vision may be very personal and informs Rose that his father, Joshua Sr. is spreading Josh’s history with mental issues. Rose however, remains steadfast in her belief in Joshua and his visions. 

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Surprising Family Ties and Revelations

Before heading down to Austin, Josh makes a pit stop at his sister’s home, where we find out that his sister was kicked out of their home by Joshua Sr. for being a lesbian. Joshua tells his sister about the “dreams” he’s been having recently and she asks if he’s been using again. This leads to two major reveals—one, that the crying woman in Joshua’s vision is his sister, and that two, Joshua used to do drugs! Scandalous. Joshua confirms that he is clean and hasn’t been using, but has just been very stressed out by his father, prompting his sister to tell him that he needs to focus more on himself and less on his father. After hearing her say so, Joshua has an epiphany about his vision, thanks his sister and apologizes for keeping his distance from her. 

30 Years or 30 Minutes in Jail?

In jail Peter has a dream and flashback to his former foster home and his suicide attempt which was thwarted by his foster dad who rescued him. When Peter is abruptly woken up, he accidentally trips another inmate, who decides to make sure Peter’s stay in jail is definitely not a pleasant one. 

After Peter is led into the visitor’s room to meet his attorney, it turns out to be none other than the devil himself, The Man. The Man plays on Peter’s guilt of killing Sam and his neglectful past, by bringing up his many failed foster homes and past suicide attempt. 

Having let what The Man said get in his head, Peter begins constructing a noose out of his bed sheets, just as he’s about to set up the noose he gets interrupted once more and brought to the visitors room, however this time it’s a friendly face to see him. 

Rose visits Peter and tells him that it was the devil that came to him and preyed on his emotionally weakened state. She reminds Peter that because of The Messengers, he will never feel abandoned ever again and that they are his family now. She tells him of Joshua’s vision of the shackles breaking and tells him that is a signal that he will be freed very soon.

While Peter and some of the other inmates, including the hostile inmate from earlier, are being transported via van, Peter’s gifts are enacted through a confrontation with the hostile inmate. With Rose following the van in her car, Peter breaks his shackles and kicks in the door of the van, resulting in the van crashing and Rose bringing Peter back with her. 

The Energy Summit

Arriving in Austin at the summit, Vera has to dodge Allan, who has been following her all day yet again. She avoids answering Allen’s questions and chases down the campaign manager for Senator Richard, who in turn doesn’t answer any of her questions. But –SURPRISE– it looks like Senator Richard’s man is working for The Man, who threatens him if he doesn’t “finish the job.” 

Meanwhile, Raul and Erin continue to flirt and cause sexual tension between the two of them when Raul asks Erin about her husband. And at the summit, Erin shows him that she can get into people’s heads just like he can, with some good old fashioned flirting. Erin, through her mind reading techniques, finds out from one of Senator Richard’s security team, that she is actually a very good and helpful person, who looks out for her team and the people she serves. 

With her earlier effort at gathering intel failing, Vera’s spirit walks into the Prime Minister’s room to see if he could be the first horseman. However, instead of finding a villainous man plotting the end of days, she finds a loving husband talking to his wife about wanting peace for his country. 

When the group finally come together and share their information, they try to figure out who the horseman could be if both the Senator and the Prime Minister are good people. Vera then breaks the news to the group that through spirit walking, she’s learned that the Senator will have the Prime Minister assassinated in order to start a war as vengeance for Senator Richard’s son’s death. She also informs the rest of The Messengers that their gifts are enacted by urgency. 

When the summit meeting finally takes place, Erin tells Raul, telepathically, that the falcon from Joshua’s vision is someone from the security team and that he’s the shooter.

As Senator Richard signals the shooter to go, a wave ripples out, similar to the initial wave that caused by the meteor, which causes all The Messengers‘ eyes to dilate. The Senator then also receives wings and her eyes burn with fire, signaling that she has become the first horseman. 

Peter uses his power to throw the shooter off balance which causes him to miss the Prime Minister and graze the Senator instead. 

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Breaking The Seal

At The Last Supper Bar and Grill, the team gather to debrief. Rose tells the group that even though they were able to stop thousands of people from dying because the Prime Minister wasn’t assassinated, the Senator still has become the horseman and there’s no stopping it.

Allan follows Vera to the bar and demands to know the truth from her. Finally relenting, she tells him of her son Michael and that these people, her new friends, will help her find him. She also tells him that she still needs Allan’s help in uncovering the truth about the meteor since she believes these two instances to be related. 

Outside, Peter calls his former foster dad, Mr. Cooper to thank him, and Raul takes his niece, Nadia, to see the small memorial he made for his brother and her father, Cesar. 

The War Has Begun

In a limo, Senator Richard, now in full horseman mode, shoots down her manager and asks The Man to make sure he’s cleaning the mess up. 

Right next to Senator Richard’s limo is a mysterious homeless woman who witnesses the whole situation and makes a mark on her abacus, one for red. While the news shows footage of peace in the Middle East, the homeless woman flips through a book with photos of Vera in it, and flips two markers for blue in her abacus. 

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