Last week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, new Housewife Claudia Jordan was intent on fixing things between Porsha and everyone else.

In this week’s episode, “Friend or Faux,” Kandi attempts to play peacemaker and get all the Housewives together to hang out. Will Kandi’s plan work or will it backfire horribly (and be greatly entertaining for the rest of us)?

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New Places, Old Faces

Kenya stops by Claudia’s new digs, a fabulous empty apartment with a great view of the city.

And when I say it’s empty, I mean empty. They discuss the other ladies’ reactions to Apollo’s apology while drinking wine out of Solo cups and sitting on a rug.

Meanwhile, Kandi and Todd go to check in on Kandi’s old house. The quick history: Kandi used to live there. Then she gave the house to Mama Joyce. Mama Joyce’s boyfriend started doing “renovations” on the house but then quit halfway through when she decided that she needed a new house in her name and not Kandi’s old house.

Oh, and by “renovations,” I mean that Mama Joyce’s boyfriend cracked a tile, ripped out fixtures and generally devalued the home by at least $20,000.

Todd tries to get Kandi to hold her mom accountable. Any guesses on how well Kandi will do with that?

Cynthia discusses the latest NeNe drama (mean tweets and an interview) with her sister, her mother and Peter. Nothing new here. Yawn.

Let’s Get Together and Fight Some More

Kandi visits with Phaedra, who calmly mashes avocados for guacamole while admitting that she doesn’t even know when Apollo has to turn himself in. Kandi is sure that they will work things out. 

Totally. Phaedra totally seems like she wants to make things work with a convict for a husband. Please. She’s probably already on looking for her next man.

Kandi tells Phaedra how Kenya was bawling at the gym when she heard that everyone still believes Apollo over her, even though Apollo admitted to lying. Phaedra doesn’t care for this bit of news, stating again that Kenya’s poor behavior makes Apollo’s “confession” shady.

Then Kandi suggests that they all get together and work things out.

“Yes, let’s get together and fight some more!” laughs Phaedra.

It’s a hard sell, but Phaedra agrees to come. “This is going to be another night at the circus with the monkeys,” Phaedra says in her confessional.

NeNe and Gregg take NeNe’s son Brentt for a driving lesson. He knocks some cones down and NeNe wears a hideous pair of sunglasses. 

NeNe informs Gregg that the popular consensus is suggesting that they apologize to Kenya for not believing her in the first place when it came to Apollo’s tall tale.

Back in The Adventures of Kenya and Claudia, the new dynamic duo goes for a workout and some lighthearted chatting about Claudia’s difficult childhood.

Basically, it was hard for Claudia to grow up with a white mom and a black father. Also, her mom never said “I love you” to her. So there’s that.

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The O.L.G. Returns

Kandi takes her two aunts (aka the Old Lady Gang) out to lunch. Thankfully, the O.L.G. is on Kandi’s side regarding Mama Joyce’s man ripping up the house.

One of the aunts inquires about Todd’s mom, Sharon. Kandi says that Sharon is still pissed that Mama Joyce called her a whore. 

Sadly, we learn that Sharon passed away last week. Let’s hope Mama Joyce had the good sense to stay away from the funeral and from Todd.

The Power of Prayer

Phaedra and Kandi are the first to arrive at the ladies’ dinner. Phaedra puts forth an interesting prayer for God’s help with whores and liars that may be present. 

Cynthia, Kenya and Porsha arrive. Of course, NeNe shows up last because she has to make a grand entrance.

Kandi starts off with a speech about moving forward and not being uncomfortable. It’s immediately uncomfortable. 

Kenya decides to intervene and bring up the Apollo-gy right away. “I feel like I’ve been vindicated and I appreciate that,” Kenya says. “Could you just allow me to have the benefit of the doubt, because to me that is the right thing to do?”

Kenya’s plea for more apologies falls on deaf ears. But at least the group seems to be able to peacefully move on. For now.

Pretty soon the whole table is giggling about the waiter bringing stale crackers and forgetting their waters. Remind me never to eat at Einstein’s in Atlanta.

So can NeNe and Cynthia make nice? Not exactly. NeNe admits to being confused about when their friendship fell apart.

It gets very confusing, with Cynthia continuing to say that they both know the reason why they aren’t friends, but no one is revealing it.

NeNe gets heated, yelling about how she was a great friend and Cynthia let her husband get into her head and ruin the friendship.

“I wish you nothing but the best, Cynthia!” NeNe practically screams at her, adding also that she had Cynthia’s back when no one else did and that she loved her like a sister.

I have to say, I’m kind of on NeNe’s side with this one. Cynthia has been so wishy-washy with her friendships. 

And while NeNe is difficult, she is loyal. 

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Next week, the conversation between Cynthia and NeNe appears to continue one-on-one, without the rest of the ladies. Maybe they will be able to patch things up? 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights at 8pm on Bravo.

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